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Lake of Black Tears

Updated on February 22, 2014

The Lake

Secrets at the Lake
Secrets at the Lake | Source
Jo on Guitar
Jo on Guitar | Source


Pretty little creature he thought as he followed the narrow path through the long grass. Not at all the type he though his wife would choose. He bent and tugged a blade of grass to suck on in contemplation, its taste was bitter and he spat it out. He stopped and viewed the lake, from where he stood he could see the mist rolling in off the mountains. It would be a dark and foggy night tonight which meant he would need to find a flash-light. He remembered seeing one he had left in the old shed the last time they were here. Before Beth was born, and before he had met Jo so it must be four years ago. Jo was his girlfriend, the mother of Beth. He had met her on a cruise and was smitten with her hippy vibe and guitar playing charm. She had been very drunk and very eager. Returning from the trip he had forgotten all about her until out one night with the boys at the pub and there she had been at the bar with his best friend. By that stage she had been about seven months into the pregnancy and the minute she saw him she started to head for the door. Stupidly he went after her and the rest as they say is history. He believed she was carrying his child and for some reason that he just could not fathom, he had agreed to stay by her side through it all.


It wasn't long after the birth of Beth and during a very heated argument that he had cornered Jo in the kitchen with his hand around her throat and accused Jo of lying to him about being Beth's father. Jo had admitted it mainly because she had really wanted to hurt him for all the horribly cruel things he had said about her body after she had given birth. But it had been the truth. She didn't know who the father might have been as he wasn't the only man she had slept with on the cruise. Secretly she had wanted him to be Beth's dad but she had looked nothing like him. Jo was fair haired, blue eyed and pale skinned, he was red haired, blue eyed with freckles whereas Beth was dark skinned with the blackest curly hair she had ever seen. Jo had slept with a number of the dark skinned Tahitian deck hands. She would never really know who the father had been.

Boys on the Cruise

Who was Beth's Father?
Who was Beth's Father? | Source


He had been bringing Jo and Beth to the lake for the last few years. The cabin had belonged to his dad and now belonged to him. Jo hated it but he didn't care, he liked the gloominess of the cabin, the musty smells and flaking paint. he loved the fog and the fishing. It mad him feel happy just being here. He often though about leaving Jo and living out the rest of his life here.

This time though Jo had insisted on bringing a young girl she had befriended at the antique shop she worked in at Burnside. He had tried to talk Jo out of it but she had said she wouldn't go unless she had some company. He had changed his mind somewhat when he had met her, Krista-Lea, she had spelled out her name to him and smiled so sweetly as she said "but people call me Krista. She had a habit of twirling her hair that just made him pleasantly uncomfortable. She reminded him of a younger version of a prostitute he had become fond of in the city. He wondered what it would be like to kiss her.

Sexual Appetite

He had left the house in a rage but had returned a few days later and slept ton the couch for a week before creeping back into their bed. They had fumbled through sex once since the birth. He could not get an erection and blamed Jo for him not being able to feel a thing when he was inside her. He had not tried again. They each left the room when the other was undressing or in the bathroom and Beth often wondered what he now did to appease his huge sexual appetite. She had caught him masturbating a few times in different rooms around the house and had found a stash of sex books under the seat of his car. It sickened her but over time she had lost all feelings for him so she supposed it didn't really matter. She often wondered why he just didn't leave. His affections for his daughter were virtually non existent, sometimes he would show an interest in her school achievements but most of the time he switched off when Beth spoke to him.

His Dad's Cabin

The Cabin was Dark and Gloomy
The Cabin was Dark and Gloomy | Source


Pretty Little Thing
Pretty Little Thing | Source

Evil Lurking

The first night at the lake he had trouble sleeping, tossing and turning with thoughts of fondling Krista-Lea. Aroused and in a lather of sweat he fumbled the light in the bathroom and Jo complained about him waking her up. He jumped on the bed and straddled her, pulling her nightie up. He slapped her across the face and she cried out in shock and pain. he yelled at her to shut up and drove himself harshly inside of her. As he reached a shuddering climax he glanced in the bedside mirror and saw Krista-Lea standing in the doorway, her eyes wide and her hand over her mouth.

The next morning he noticed Krista staring at him and he just smiled. Jo was quiet and had tried to cover the red mark on her face with make-up. He walked up to Jo at the kitchen sink and whispered to Jo that she shouldn't get her hopes up for a repeat performance.

Beth's Owl

European Eagle Owl
European Eagle Owl | Source

The Plan

Krista asked Jo what had happened to her but Jo told her it was just how adults sometimes behaved and that she shouldn't worry, Deep down Jo was scared. He had never hit her before and she knew that in reality she had been raped by him. She had caught him leering at Krista when ever he thought she wasn't looking, the look on his face made her skin crawl. Deep down she knew that in his mind he had really wanted to violate Krista last night. She decided she needed to take Krista away from here immediately before he lost all control.

She waited until he collected his fishing rods and made his way down the track to the lake, but she couldn't find Krista anywhere. She then decided to go down to the lake but took the track that led to the tree he had cut down after she had told him Beth had loved the owls she had seen nesting in it. From here she could see him, standing on one leg with the pole in the crook of his elbow, but there was no sign of Krista. Without thinking she continued on down the track toward him, her anger building with each step. He was to blame for Beth's death, he was to blame for her won miserable life, for feeling unattractive, for eroding her self confidence. Her anger was fuel that spurred her on to have it out with him. He heard her approach behind him and turned with a startled look on his face. "I hate you, I hate you" she yelled "I'm leaving you, I can't take any more of your lies and your other women" She fell to her knees and sobbed. He threw the rod down and and grabbed her long hair, pulling her head back to make her look at him. "no you're not" he said, at first calmly with a warning smirk on his face. "You know you won't do it Jo, you're such a weak and ugly woman, who else would have you" Then he backhanded her with his other hand and shoved her over with his foot in her stomach.

The Lit Cigarette and the Shed

He Never Intended to Smoke it.
He Never Intended to Smoke it. | Source
He Locked Krista in the Shed
He Locked Krista in the Shed | Source


Krista had heard Jo yelling at him about leaving as she was strolling along the track looking for Jo. He had locked her in the shed earlier in the morning when she had been looking for scissors to cut wild-flowers for Jo. She knew Jo was unhappy and thought the flowers might cheer her up The shed was far from the house and no one had heard her yells for help. She knew he would come back for her to finish what he had started. He had forcefully kissed her and caressed her breasts before locking the door behind him. Krista forced herself to stay calm and started looking for another way out. There was a small louvred window half way up the back wall. She found a milk crate to stand on, removed the louvers and squirmed her way through. Scared beyond belief, she frantilcally tried to find Jo. It was then she heard Jo scream and she ran down the track as fast as she could. She saw both of them now, Jo on her back. He had his foot on her stomach applying pressure to keep her down. He was smiling, enjoying Jo's painful cries. He leant forward and hit her across the face, one, two then three. He straightened up and proceeded to light a cigarette. He didn't smoke it though.

As soon as Krista realised what he was about to do she ran, charging at him at him. he looked up and laughed at Krista as she came barrelling toward him. She swung the scissors she had grabbed from the kitchen and his expressions changed to horror. Krista drove the blades into his chest with so much force she could not pull them back out. She feared he would come after her but he sank to his knees, his breath wheezing.

Endless Black Tears

Krista and Jo sat together crying and shivering from shock, watching him slowly loose his fight to stay alive. They stayed until sunset, neither one wanting to go near him until they were certain he was dead. Krista could not stop crying as she told Jo what he had done to her and what he had intended doing to her later that night while he had her locked in the shed. Jo told Krista about Beths accident in the bath tub when he had been babysitting her, here at the cabin. How she believed he had drowned her daughter but could not prove it. Their tears flowed endlessly and mingled with the dark waters of the lake. They found rocks to fill his pockets and rolled him down the embankment and into the lake. They watched in silence as his body slowly drifted out to meet the incoming fog, and finally sank.

As He Floated Out The Fog Rolled In

Rolling Fog
Rolling Fog | Source

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