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Updated on November 27, 2012
Prairie in Pine Ridge Reservation
Prairie in Pine Ridge Reservation | Source
Enchanting Prairie, South Dakota.
Enchanting Prairie, South Dakota. | Source

Dancing against the wind, relentless

To the sun the prairie grass stretches.

Strong roots tethers the green plants

To Mother Earth’s skin in large patches.

The Lakota People living on this prairie

Have embedded in the grass their stories

And the wind sings through the blades

Whistling of the People’s joys and worries.

Generations have come and gone again

With each, laying new prairie grass seeds.

Their struggles have been hard and painful

For the People, the grass joys and weeps.

But as Winter lays the Prairie to sleep

The Creator works His great mystery,

That lends to Spring and renewal,

Giving strong faith and hope for the weary.

Faith is tested by the wind, relentless

While to the sun the People’s hope stretches.

Family roots grow deeper, like the plants.

Lakota Prairie People grow in large patches.

(dedicated to the Lakota People and their value of life!)

The People gathering for a memorial walk for those who died during the "Reign of Terror"
The People gathering for a memorial walk for those who died during the "Reign of Terror" | Source

Poem from the collection of "PAINTING WITH WORDS POETRY.


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    • backporchstories profile image

      backporchstories 5 years ago from Kentucky

      Thank you so much. I have much love for this poem and the Lakota People.

    • Jen Card profile image

      Jen Card 5 years ago

      May the Prairie be lush and green from the rains of renewal and the Lakota people filled with joys and beauty always! This was beautiful and so well painted I could "see" it. What an honor to have read this. VOTED UP, UP and AWAY! Thank you ~