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Sleepwalking - The Silly But True Story

Updated on October 27, 2016

Have you ever slept walked during the night? Have you ever experienced sleepwalking yourself? This is my story about sleepwalking, which is a bit amusing. A few years ago when I woke up in middle of the night I noticed my old cell phone bill was lying on the floor. I asked my sister why I put it there, and she said I had told her she could wear it. Last night I was so tired I slept walk and took her this piece of paper to wear, I swear! I remember having a dream about someone asking me to give them a piece of paper to draw on, and then I was awake a few minutes later and my sister was telling me she could go not wear paper. Apparently she wanted to borrow some clothes while doing laundry, but in my sleep walking, I took her a bill to wear instead. A few minutes after this I finally woke up and retrieved a dress from my closet, but I went back into deep sleep soon after that. When I got up a couple of hours later I was puzzled by why I brought this piece of paper out to her.

Sleepwalking in the night.  I love this picture I took of the moon, I do not like that I sleep walk sometimes.
Sleepwalking in the night. I love this picture I took of the moon, I do not like that I sleep walk sometimes.

Sleepwalking And Dreams

It is always funny because many of my dreams are associaed with my sleepwalking episodes. In eighth grade I had a dream we lived in another house and the principal was calling my mom. In my dream I distincly remembered the purple wallpaper with white dots, whereas our house had wood walls like many abodes in the So Cal mountains. Also, I remember picking up the cream colored wall mount phone in my dream, but our actual phone was a blue model. When I woke up the next mornning my mom told me I had slept walked.

At two in the morning I had come upstairs and woke my mom out of a sound sleep to tell her the principal was on the phone. She glanced at the red digits on the alarm clock and knew no sane administrator would be calling at two in the morning, but went down stairs to see what this was all about.

By the time my mom descended the staircase and glanced at the phone she noticed it was still on its craddle, and I was on my way back to my room! She went in to glance at me, and noticed I had got back in bed and appeared to be sound asleep. That was the first time I remember sleep walking.

The next episode I do not remember, but I had dirty sock to show I had been somewhere. One night when I was in ninth grade I decided to stay up late and watch TV on the couch. I used to love to do that sometimes, especially with the cat curled up on me. When I woke up that morning I had dirty socks and crunched leaves stuck to the bottom, but this made no sense as I had not gone outside in my stocking feet. Maybe I slept walked that night, maybe I did not, but I cannot explain away the leaves on my feet. It was so funny and weird.

When I was in college a girl on my hall was playing hide and go seek in my roommate in the middle of the night, and apparently I asked her if she was Emily. I do not remember that, so I was definitely talking in my sleep there. She had the audacity to tell me over lunch the next day it was creepy that I talked in my sleep, but what about hiding in other peoples' rooms in the middle of the night! This is one of the reasons I am happy to be past those college years where I was forced to have partying roommates that had odd ball hours. Sure I am up late some nights, but running in and out of a room when someone sleeping is just silly.

Last night was the first time I had slept walked in along time, but I sure laughed when I got up and saw my old cell phone bill on the living room floor.


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