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Poem - For Katie

Updated on February 2, 2012


I would not normally include any sort of explanation for my writing, but I felt for this one, it was appropriate. Hope you don't mind.

Before pursuing self employment, I spent six years as a full time firefighter/medic in a suburb west of Chicago back in the 90's. I had a great many experiences during that time, but there has always been one that stood out for me more than any other.

It was a cold cold winter morning and my 24 hour shift was just about over. The sun was brightly shinning and the wind was brisk. At 7:45 an alarm comes in for "an accident with injuries, passengers trapped." Off we went, lights and sirens, just like we always did, but that day, there was a six year old girl who just made her last trip to school. I spent the next 20 minuets holding her tiny hand as we worked the "Jaws of Life" to pry her free from the wreckage. She faded away and died before we could free her. That young and pure soul cried no tears on that day, and I can still see her peaceful expression in my minds eye, even after fifteen years has passed. When I returned home later that morning I wrote down this verse, and vowed to never forget her name, it was Katie.

Up at dawn, prepared to go

Cold morning breezes lightly blow

Smartly you notice your crystalline breath

For on this day, you will know death

All care was taken to shuttle you there

No thought of the moments we cannot bare

Tracing the steps she took many days

Mother carnal knowledge could not see today's

A twisting and tearing, the deafening din

Snuffed out the flame from deep within

Into your web his hammer has swung

No bias or prejudice for anyone


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