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Last Will's Baton

Updated on November 11, 2011

  I wrote this piece on a theme very familiar to me and which is common in my other pieces.  The rhyme and metrical schemes are rather experimental, and frankly, the only reason I make these comments is to circumvent the "very little content" monkey-wrench that seems especially perilous to we poets here at hubpages.  ;)


Last Will's Baton


I resolve to be strong.

You cannot shake my will to be what is right.
There are reasons greater than fear of you
that move me.

The struggles are so long.

Still, I will make it. I am blazing with fight!
Your 'gater tears are not endearing to
yours truly.

To give in is so wrong!

The hill tries to break me, my soul nears the night.
And new seasons beckon and cheer for two
youths folly.

Father Time sounds his gong.

I spill with dying will. My shatters light
more Late yearnings bill, for herewith comes due:
the newly...



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