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Lonely Winter Nights

Updated on January 24, 2015

Lonely Winter Nights

Sometimes, one or two cold

Evening of Poush

Or a long night of shivering Magh

Seem to be terribly alone…

The moon can’t be seen

Through the gaps

Created by the flying curtains

At my windows…but

The blurred moonbeam;

Yellow fog obscurely sling

Touching the grills…

The white ceiling above my head;

The dead ceiling fan, its three

Tiredly asleep hands…

Lifeless bed n pillow…white wall…

Everything seems to be asleep…

You also sleep at peace…at this hour of night…

In another city...the vague curtain of

Yellow fog trembles by your breathing…

Note: Poush and Magh are the two months of winter season in Bangla Calender.


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