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Lauderdale Stories

Updated on December 27, 2010

"Get up now Tamir. The school bus will be here in 20 minutes and I am not about to drive all the way to Davie," Miss Lou screamed stomping through the fortress Tamir called home.

It would be Tamir's first day in high school. It wasn't a scary place, because Nova was a special school that students in Broward county would attend from kindergarten to graduation. Many of the students had been together all of their lives.

Tamir had been at Nova since kindergarten. She knew most of the students very well, but had a strange feeling in her stomach. This is high school, the end all be all, and for someone as damaged and deceptive as Tamir she had to choose the right persona. Tamir was a chameleon, it was her coping mechanism. Without the ability to be everything to everyone she knew that she could never be accepted or loved.

"Let's see, should I be Goth," Tamir thought as she pulled out a pair of black guess jeans and black shirt.

"No, maybe a little cutey pie," smiling in the mirror big enough to show the dimples that got her out of alot of trouble.

"What about sexy, I think I can pull off sexy," she thought as she turned around in the mirror looking at her new found curves,"sexy, it is"

Tamir pulled up the ridiculous looking stretchy jeans and tucked her shirt in to get the right curves on her mountain of a butt.

Tamir struts outs of her room with a devilish smile on her face. She knew that she had finally blossomed. "FINALLY!!dang"

Her foster father JW, looked at his baby with a smile. He was definitely the only person on this earth with unconditional love for Tamir. "Look at my baby. You got money. You ok. Hey! miss the bus so I can drive you to school," He whispered while passing Tamir the cold Hershey kisses he would give her everyday.

JW and Tamir get into the freshly waxed Cadillac and venture off to Davie, to Nova, to High School. The silence was unnerving to Tamir so she popped in the only music they had. An eight track tape of old spirituals. JW began to hum and sing "I'll Fly Away". The more he sang the closer Tamir got to the school. The closer they got to the school the more butterflies she would feel.

The gigantic boat of a car pulls up to the school and Tamir just wanted to hide, until she saw her best friend walking up the breezeway with her twin brother.

"Cassandra!!!!" Tamir screamed


They run towards each other as if they were still in elementary school and started their usual mindless giggling. Brad, Cassandra's twin brother, looks at them both as if they were two hopeless blondes and walks away shaking his head.

"Oh my God, I have to tell you about....."Tamir says and then pauses

"What girl?" Cassandra says curiously

"Look!!"Tamir says as she points towards the two Godlike figures called the Senior Elite Men.

Both girls, who were never interested in boys, began to feel weird inside. I don't know if it was the smell or just their swag, but the girls had decided these guys were the ones.


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    • profile image

      Whitney  7 years ago

      LOVED IT!! Itching for more!

    • profile image

      adam 7 years ago

      I hope this story continues. ;)