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Lauderdale Stories....Dillard High

Updated on January 22, 2011

 Tamir woke up drowning in her pillow. The tears she shed while she was asleep made her realize that the dreams she had been having for years would soon drive her insane. Tamir would dream about holding the sisters and brother that she had for hours. All the dreams were set in a "Cosby Show" setting. Her father would welcome her by lifting her up and tell her how happy and proud he was of her. Her mother would be in the kitchen cooking her favorite meal and kissing her on her forehead. The dream would be so vivid and painful that Tamir would cry in her sleep. She would only see her sisters and brothers in passing.

"Good Morning! Your breakfast is ready and the school bus will be at the park soon. You need to hurry," Mr. JW said to Tamir as he slid twenty dollars in her pocket.

"Yes, daddy. I really don't feel good. Can I please stay home," Tamir moaned to Mr. JW as he exited the room

"No!!! get your ragedy butt out of that bed now," the voice of Ms Lou bellowed from across the house.

That was the last draw. Tamir was tired of feeling the pain of being separated from three other people that looked just like her. She was tired of being connected to nothing. Something most people will never feel.

Tamir walked down 27th Avenue to the bus stop and waited. She began to look around and listen. She heard about the amazing love that people had at home. How their mothers struggled to keep them. How their grandmothers wouldnt let the state take them away and Tamir got envious. Asking the God she truly believe in, why me. It was too much. Instead of getting on the school bus Tamir began to walk south down 27th Avenue to Dillard High School. The school her sisters and brother attended.

Dillard High School looked like heaven. She walked on campus with amazment. The most naturally beautiful girls and the boys were raw and oozing of testosterone. Well not all the boys. There was Reggie. A fabulous specimen that we will have to revisit later.

"Gal, get to class of go to I.S, " screamed a man on a golf cart.

"I.S. Tamir thought to herself, they think I belong. Maybe this is where I should have been all along."

Tamir walked up the hallway and heard the sounds of a huge band. Nothing like Nova's a band with power. That was where Tamir was supposed to be. Every inch, every step Tamir felt this magnet pulling her to something she was supposed to be connected to. She stepped into the bandroom door and sitting on the floor, clarinet in hand, was a beautiful pecan tan, girl with long flowing curly hair. She was so beautiful and she was Tamir's big sister Chiquita.


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      7 years ago

      U are the bomb! I love it!!


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