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Lauderdale Stories...Nova Class of 89

Updated on January 2, 2011

Cassandra and Tamir had totally lost all sense of time looking at the Elite senior men. The men were so confident and absolutely beautiful. They had this worldly style that the girls were not used to. They spoke as if the world revolved around them and to Cassandra and Tamir, it did.

Benjamin was the tall athletic one. He wore the best clothes and even walked like he knew that people were staring at him. He had these big beautiful eyes that would mesmerize you if you looked directly at them, but he was honestly more than that. He was kind, always laughing and smiling, and that smile turned Cassandra into a puddle of water. Benjamin was never alone he always had his friend Erick with him.

Erick was a crooner. He had a beautiful voice and this brown skin that looked liked the most luxurious chocolate. He had a face too pretty to be on a man and he knew it. He would glance at women as if he was looking in their souls. It was scary because it felt as if he pulled Tamir's heart out of her chest with that first look and put it in his pocket to play with like a kitten plays with a dead mouse. Too scary!

Tamir and Cassandra played this amazing music in their heads looking at these men. It was like a New Edition song repeating over and over again. "If it isn't love why do I feel this way why does she stay on my mind, If it isn't love," Ralph sang over and over. It was the day that Cassandra and Tamir found their interest in boys.

The music played and played and then it changed! It changed to this powerful techno slash diva rock slash blues and the Girls saw this light. This bright beautiful light was getting closer to Erick and Benjamin. The closer the light got the better the air smelled. Birds started churping melodies and all began to bow to royalty.

It was the women of the class of '89 and they were tall, powerful, beautiful, and just fierce. They looked as if they came out of Glamour magazine. So stylish, so smart, so focus, so not Cassandra and Tamir. The girls immediately felt this great respect and admiration of these women. They had to be what the girls should be striving to be.

The only problem was, the women saw the look in Cassandra and Tamir's face looking over at their men and knew that these two little hot ass girls was up to something. So they grabbed their men and went to an area where freshmen just weren't welcomed.This was the girl's first challenge in high school and just to be devilish the girls was excited to take it.


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    • profile image

      adam 7 years ago

      Some really great imagery, Candace! If you revise this a bit it will be even more powerful! A suggestion; edit the "too scary" part, the preceding imagery does it for you! Can't wait for the next segement...

    • kirutaye profile image

      kirutaye 7 years ago from London, UK

      I like this...where's the rest of it? Good job! Keep them coming