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Lay Back Close Your Eyes

Updated on March 2, 2021
GodsgiftAngels profile image

mother of 5 social media like broadcaster dancer choreographer writer

Round 1

Lay back close your eyes let this connection of love take over your mind. Do you trust me he whispers softly in my ear? Yes I trust you. Do love me? Yes I love you. Will you surrender all? Yes I'm yours as all clothes fall. His finger traces my body but he never actually touched. In my head I think oh how I love him so much. I can feel his breath on the back of my neck and at that moment my soul got wet. Juices flowing without control I love the way this man touches my soul. His breath is cool on my heated skin oh how I wish this would never end. The volcano in me is bout to erupt my soft moans is ash as I begin to trust. Not knowing what's next sets for unbelievable pleasure knowing your his little treasure. As he explores my mind I lose control I surrendered all now even surrendered my soul. With nothing left to give he shows me why he's the one. As he gives me pleasure to let my soul live on. At that moment of soul rebirth the 2 become 1 with an unbreakable girth....

Round 2

He walks in to find dinner on the table and his wife in house keeping gear well cosplay costume if she dare. She hands him an envelope with instructions inside. He takes one look and seemed to be surprised. Instruction are as followed

1) relax

2) no cares


Daddy I'm puddy in your hand. Pull me squeeze mold me to you so I can feel all of what you want me to do. As I guide you to the bath I wonder how long you will last. I give you what I always get soft sweet rose peddle kisses from tip to tip. Hot oil to warm the soul let my tender hands take control. The power is mine as I look in your eyes. All I can see is me as i place my lips where they need to be. As I lay on your lap certain tricks make you ask how you do that. I say just relax Daddy I promise to give your soul back. His breathing gets deep as his knees get weak speaking in tongues is the words he speak. Say what Daddy. Yes I know, you want me to stop but remember I have control. Feel what I feel when I lose control. So lay on back and just let go as I restore your life after taking your soul...


Round 3

Let it begin I bet you thought round 2 was the end. Round 1 & 2 was just the beginning just enough to get your head spinning and your juices. Now it's time for fantasy and fun. Get costumes and toy's we've only just begun. As I slide into catwoman and you in batman you begin to lick my wet land. Black whips and black leather is something of a guilty pleasure...Whiiippppah get back I never said you can have that as she prance off with hips that sway like a cat. As you glide up behind her she begins purr, we musical sweet moans and twitches in her soul. The bat signal is up so let's play ball she assumes the position and to her knees she falls. She takes in your scent as good kitties do, her only aim is to please you. She begins to clean you with the tip of her tongue then your eyes rolled back and she knew it was time to have fun. The pleasure may seem yours as she cleans you, but the pleasure all her to watch you twitch and squirm just like she do. The visual stimulation brings her so much joy you both lay together and begin to shake some more. She climbs back on top giving you no chance to breath she wants you to see everything she sees. The pleasure in her eyes knowing she reached her goal from seeing you see how it is to touch a soul. The pleasure has just begun as she starts again Batman looked at her and said I give in!


Fly Away with Me

SW or BC

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