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Lazy Boy

Updated on November 22, 2012

Lazy boy

You look so good for now.

Compliments turn

That fair and handsome head.

Your skin is polished fine

The envy of so many girls.

That praise you

You wave your lovely hands languidly

I’m thinking about you thirty years from now

When your skin’s twilight draws on with the diet you afford

When your pockets flaccidly embrace your beautiful hands

That refused to work.

Look with me

To that time and place.

Lazy boy,

Can you see the jobs you never had?

The businesses you never owned?

The positions in preferred companies

With lions waiting at the interviews -

Great big lions-waiting to eat you up?

You called in sick for countless interviews

Success was too close!

You don’t like to look up and see your friends from back-in a-day

Because they look too good

But you don’t like to look down

At your frayed trousers.

You comfort yourself.

Often you are heard to opine

That those doing well are crooked- somewhere, right?

Over the years,

Everybody misunderstood you, didn’t they dear?

And harassed you to do something.

All you wanted was a bit of peace and quiet.

It was a breach of your human right, was it not?

The way self-righteous mankind

Left pregnant pauses at every junction of your life -


Pointedly glancing at you

Always hinting at and expecting you to

Do something.

Or do something more.

What more should you have done?

Did you invade their lives and harass them to achieve?

All of them -

Your teachers,

Your family

Your bosses

Your wife.

That is tomorrow

Shake it off. Walk back to today.

Everything looks good and

Duty belongs to others.

Photo Credits

Thanks to

puuikibeach's photostream

on Flickr

for the shoes photo.


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