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Example of Poem About Leadership

Updated on November 1, 2013
leadership via morgueFile
leadership via morgueFile | Source

Are you a leader in your simplest way?

Shows the truth and lead the way

Enlighten perplex people by forging pathway

To give righteous examples and leeway

Leading is a selfless act of a leader

To help and guide to those lost member

Who always instruct golden rule as a reminder

So that every vision will always be remember

Are you a leader who is a role model?

Who shows action not by words that swindle,

Or any role that entrains to rebel

But informs and persuades leaders to act and resemble

Ruling the team with proper objectives

Which is not just fuse as any collectives?

That chooses and vote capable representatives

Who speak and role that is always affirmative

Are you a leader who influences other?

To work and move from one another

To unite members and act as a binder

That is approachable as well as good mingler

Speaks with knowledge and act willfully

Does not tolerate violence but care freely

Shows good governance that is built carefully

By a leader who speaks and influence knowingly..

For you what is a good leader?

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