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My Book Review: Lean Against the Wind by Reynold Jay

Updated on July 7, 2019

A Book Review

Once in a great while a book is written that will truly reach the abyss of your heart, and will command you to think and feel as it enlightens you of the lives of others; and this is one of them. "Lean against the Wind Book" touched me personally because at 21 years old I worked with Special Needs Children for a year. These children had mental and physical needs. This book brought back those memories, of the struggles and different modes of teaching to reach each one. Memories not forgotten, but not visited in a long time of those sweet children, in my past.

God designs his plans by planting seeds in our hearts, and using us as instruments to carry out these plans. This book is fiction, but each day events are true to life in dealing with these exceptional children.

Raymond Lancaster begins his journey as a Special Education Teacher--who had a calling to teach the children, who previously was only a presence in the regular classroom, and is mostly forgotten. Because it is either easier to teach the ones who can learn without any special effort from the teacher, or the teacher is not qualified to help them.

But little did anyone who taught in the decrepit schoolhouse in Michigan know that a miracle would shine from the broken dream and hopes embedded in the special children, that existed, would come to life, with Raymond Lancaster's help, and God's planted seed.

The miracle of Jon Causey, and the other students, Tiny Tim, Big Jim, and Arch, all the children came to life when their new teacher, Raymond Lancaster introduced music into their lives.

This is a book for everyone who loves children, and most families now have or know of someone with a special needs child in their lives. My cousin's grandson Logan is one of these children, so in my family is another reason this book touched my heart so deeply

When I was reading this book---I could almost hear what Jesus said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not; for of such is the kingdom of God."

This book is at; it will the best investment for your money, because it is truly food for the heart and soul..

Lean against the Wind Reynold Jay Personal Photos of his books
Lean against the Wind Reynold Jay Personal Photos of his books

My Interview with Reynold Jay

I am a great fan of Reynold Jay who has the energy of many and the greatest of few.

As we have never met in person, I interviewed him by email, and I will share this interview with everyone.

Because I know there are writers in our world--- who are feeling flat lined---and some who has writer's block.

And, cannot get that first thought out of their head on the paper, and many who are just plain tired from working at a job all day, then coming home to work more hours; and trying to find time to write, as it is their passion.

Well, this man will inspire you, as he writes on HubPages, and anywhere else his heart desires. Do yourself a favor and visit his profile for a closer view of all his talents, as I would need to write a novel to name them all.

His books are on Amazon eBooks, and he is on-- Kindle--after reading all he has accomplished in a very short time--I am planning a vacation, just from reading all his triumphs.

Mr. Reynold Jay has inspired me to work on my book.

And, what has he inspired in all you passionate writers?

Get busy on your novel--- time is ticking---and don't forget to thank your HubPage friends when you are famous.

Thank you, Sir for sharing with us on HubPages.

Question 1: What New Project are you working on now?


I’m working on “The Book of Ra” This is a diary that is a big topic in “Seeds from Heaven.”

It is my feeling that I talked so much about it in the novel that the reader would want to see what was in it!

So, I went ahead and created it and wanted to add illustrations to it. In working on the covers for all my books I found I left a trail of sketches and rough drafts that work well in the diary.


 Reynold Jay's Personal Photo
Reynold Jay's Personal Photo

Queston 2: How are your books doing in the sellers’ market?


That’s a great question and I’m right in the middle of that endeavor now. I was hoping to find an agent over the last few years and eventually decided that current world events were such that my books needed to be releasing now.

Particularly my “Watchdogg Somalia Retribution” that I wrote in 2009 is now unfolding before our eyes with all the talk of Iran and the Nuclear bomb threats.

I decided to give the agents one last chance as a part of my endeavors and then drew a line in the sand that expired on January 31st. I sent out 110 queries with no result.

February 1st, I became my agent and in the last two weeks have published five books and the diary is a sixth project.

I’ll know more about sales in a month, however I can report that I did “sell” nearly 900 books of "Born to Be Rich" in my first day with a Kindle lending program and I’ll be participating in a “Free Book” to Kindle customers program that will launch my sales very quickly.

Efforts at this point will consist of using the Kindle reader base to launch my career. There will be lots of “Giving “involved and the marketing plan is that readers will support my efforts by making purchases of the various books.

I’m in a unique place in that I have all these books being launched at the same time and I expect sales will exponentially be a success as time passes.

The bottom line is that I want my books read in great numbers and whether the books sell or I give them away is not that important to me.

I anticipate that the “Giving” will be returned to me as that is human nature. I currently have five Hubs that deal with “Giving “ and practice what I preach .


Seeds from Heaven
Seeds from Heaven

The Book of Ra: Reynold Jay discusses this diary from Seeds from Heaven

Question 3: Are you still listed with Amazon?


Amazon is my publishing home as far as I can tell. I'm with Smashwords too.However, the Amazon people seem to have a handle on how to generate sales and when it takes off, so I figure I’ll be with them indefinitely.

The nice thing is that there is no one saying “No “to you there. It’s more of “Jump on board and do your thing.” It could be they plan to take over the entire eBook market and I’ll be in the center of it if that happens.

It would be nice if others have a way of bringing readers and aspiring writers together, and if there is anyone who can do that, I’d join.


Question 4: Would you be so kind as to list all your books?


OK— let’s see the trilogy, “Seeds from Heaven” I wrote that one first and then wrote “The Gold of Mansa Musa” and “Lean against the Wind” to complete the series.

I suggest in one of my hubs that writing backwards is the way to go and I follow my advice. My feeling was that “Seeds from Heaven" is pretty intense and needed to gently lead readers to it.

I wrote “Watchdogg: Somalia Retribution" because I felt I should write a novel that had a solid genre market base and those agents would see that the novel would be easy to market. Ha!

I found it did not matter much what you wrote as that novel (and everything else) they dismissed without even reading it.

If you ask me if all this rejection bothered me, maybe a bit. I did not feel rejected because no one cared enough to give my novels a read.

Except one, which I requested reader’s notes from that rare agent who had someone read Watchdogg and the reader said something like, “Who would ever want to read a political thriller? "

I knew this “reader probably read historical romantic novels or something because they just did not get it. I understand that not everyone is going to want to read a political thrill; however is that person represents themselves as being a professional reader, they should not ask a question like that.

As to the list of Books, I wrote “Born to be Rich” around 1987 and used that to launch all my current stuff. A companion book called “How to Think Small for Big Profits” I wrote about the same time.

I sent it to a New York agent and he agreed to work with it. After two years, he wrote and said he loved the idea so much that he wrote his version of it and got it published.

The name “Tip” comes to mind, but I do not remember the name. So in 1988 he had his best seller and I remember glancing at it in a mall bookstore and could see how he revamped the thing and made a couple of million off it


The Gold of Mansa Musa
The Gold of Mansa Musa

Question 5: What writing aspirations are in your future?


It could go two ways. I might have finished writing altogether and spend my time handling the business end of it.

However, I’m toying with the idea of handing some fellow Hubbers my outlines and let them write all this stuff in my head.

The other system would be to simply go ahead and write more “Seeds from Heaven” novels and I do have a “Watchdogg” novel or two with completed outlines.

For me, writing is both a blessing and a curse. I’m good at it ( I got better with experience) but it is a mind wrenching experience to write a novel as I write around the clock when I decide to do a project.

My head goes into this fantasy world and I wonder if I’m crazy walking around with all these ideas in my head.

I suppose I’ll do a little of both worlds and see what happens. If I could find a talented artistic writer who shared my vision, I would want to do it that way as there would be a lot more projects completed.

It’s kind of thinking like Walt Disney, I guess, where he realizes that a one man operation was not meant.

I’d like to say that I feel compelled to write all these books because I have a special voice for my readers. I’ve lived a unique life and have spent my life with people who see life from a different vantage point.

For anyone who reads my stuff, they will see life quite differently from the experience and hopefully find enlightenment. Anyone who reads “Seeds from Heaven” will know what I mean.


Question 6: Are you enjoying writing on HubPages?


Oh yes! I love it and I would not have written “Lean against the Wind” without my new friends here.

I suddenly realized I was not alone in my writing endeavors and I wrote from the encouragement and support.

I've launched my books and I can only imagine where things will be a year from now.

Looking back over my writing, I can say that I write about what I know and then I take it to another level like I did in “The Gold of Mansa Musa” with a fantasy world that included special characters.

Special people become visible in nearly everything I write and yet it is only in "Lean against the Wind” that they totally take over!

And Bobbi, you are special to me as you are among the first ever to read “Lean against the Wind.” Most often I find that readers will not give new writers a try (and I don’t blame them) (agents too) it could very well end up being a waste of time for them. You were willing to take a chance and I imagine that you were pleasantly surprised.

Thank you, Bobbi


Reply to Reynold Jay,

It was my pleasure to read your wonderful book, "Lean against the Wind" as I became totally engrossed from the first page to the last.

I became mesmerized especially, by the lives of all the children and their struggles and triumphs. I could not put the book down.

I remember, we were having a terrible storm here in Florida, and the electricity went out---and I have not told this to a single soul--but I read the last chapter with my flashlight, it was that real to me---I just had to know the ending, or stay awake all night thinking about it. And, I just have to say---- I loved that book.


PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this article and if copied anywhere else on the Internet or printed in articles or books it was taken without written consent and is strictly prohibited.

Lean against the Wind

Have you read any of Reynold Jay's great books?

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© 2011 PurvisBobbi44


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  • PurvisBobbi44 profile imageAUTHOR


    6 weeks ago from Florida


    Nice to hear from you. I hope all is well in your world.

    Bobbi Purvis

  • Reynold Jay profile image

    Reynold Jay 

    7 weeks ago from Saginaw, Michigan

    Hi Bobbi! Reynold Jay is writing this note to you. Since this article I remembered that Zig Ziglar was the NY person who wanted to publish my book and then decided to write his version of it. I looked him up recently and see had passed away and left a legacy of YouTube videos that give a good idea of his endeavors.

    I also see that 17 million books are now published at Amazon ( up from 2 million). That translates to 3,000 books a day being released which is a tidal wave of books. I see the marketplace as being swamped with most everyone having little chance of getting anything noticed without big $$$ promotions.

    I have an updated YouTube channel that gives librarians an opportunity to view samples of my library presentation with Twinkles (the world's largest elf) as my sidekick! Search "Reynold Jay" at YouTube to view.

    Home page can be found at that is the home base for everything including a site at Art America where over 500 works of art are displayed and sold on various products. I publish other writers now and love publishing public domain children's books that would otherwise be lost to the world.

    I;look back and give a big "Thank You!" to you for your support with this and other articles!!!!!

  • PurvisBobbi44 profile imageAUTHOR


    4 years ago from Florida


    It is wonderful to hear from you and I will email you asap.

    Bobbi Purvis

  • Reynold Jay profile image

    Reynold Jay 

    4 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

    Hi Bobbi, Thank you for the thumbs up at the Amazon sight. I have been busy working on a children's series, The Wurtherington diary. It is an 8 part series and will take two years to write it from beginning to end . I The wonderful words here from you make me blush! Well done.

  • PurvisBobbi44 profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Florida


    Thank you so much for the visit and the comment. I appreciate it very much.

    Yes, RJ is a talent above all. I know you are learning from such a great man who has given so much as a teacher. His love for his students shined through his words, and landed on my heart.

    You enjoy your journey with RJ, and I hope to visit with you again.


  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Hello Bobbi,

    I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and share a thought on the wonders of Reynold Jay. Currently, I am working on a non-fiction book with him and his talent surpasses all I could ever look for in an agent/editor/writer. He is absolutely amazing and makes my narrative magical. Reading a few of your hubs I also see your awesome talent and admire your great writing.

  • PurvisBobbi44 profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Florida

    Reynold Jay,

    Thanks for your visit and it is an honor for you to do so. I wish you well on your new book. Take care until we talk next.

    Your Friend,


  • Reynold Jay profile image

    Reynold Jay 

    7 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

    It took some scrolling to find this! It looks great and the links can't hurt. I don't have much time to read HUBS like I used to. The new book with Amara I'm working on will have much the same feeling to it as this one and in that it will be non-fiction, may be a boost for finding readers. I'm going to read over a HUB or two as I can see you have been busy with the tV reviews! Looks good. RJ

  • PurvisBobbi44 profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Florida

    I wish you the very best, and I keep pinging it. I hope your books are doing well.


  • profile image

    reynold jay 

    7 years ago

    Thank you for the kind review and I'm happy that it touched your heart. You made my day.


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