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Leap Day

Updated on June 29, 2012

A dozen years ago
It began and ended for me
Like the day that I was born
It began and ended everything

When I was 16
I could only think of what will be
Read everything the books had written
Rollng pages faster to memorize their words
When I was 17
I was naive about almost everything
But I could play guitar and walls rumbled
Funny how music just came to me naturally
Then I was 18
I was higher than Bobby Weir and the Dead
Scored an ounce of thai stick then took my tests
Scored in the top ten on my SATs and I guessed
Next I was 19
I lost my virginity it was kinda strange for me
Cause she was 29 and left my love for her cocaine
But I was too young so the truth she didn't tell me
'At my funeral everyone will be busy shaking hands
Some will steal from the coffin the rings on my hands
Everyone will laugh and get drunk they will be clapping
Everyone will dance and will whirl like dervishes in sand

Soon I was 20
I fell in love with a Lonestar Texan desert rose
Who committed suicide left me her picture and one
Last phone message on the phone answering machine
When I turn 21
I remember feeling swimming with no directions
In so much chaos swirling naked flotsam with jetsam
I met the wrong girl at the wrong time can you guess
See I was 22
Had a baby on the way little miss wrong and me
Both of us needy both of us trying to fill up the empty
Avoiding what was plain to see but neither wanted this
As I turned 23
At 2 a.m. I was laying in the arms of a friendly miss
She was more than just a friend but nothing more then
As she kissed me and let my head rush into the drinking
At my funeral everyone will wish me well in my farewell
Some thinking I am going to Heaven and others to Hell
My body as it rolls in a box on little wheels in to the pyre
My body burns with the smell of pinewood purify my body

But I was 24
Smiling grinning and oblivious as my soul mate miss
Was anything but what I wanted her to be she disagreed
So I got higher and higher and soon I was blind and blinking
Or I am 25
Smirking now but barely feeling alive within my body
Over the ocean I am about to see my way through the haze
Only me and maybe you as I walk upon the oceanside beach
If I am 26
Then I am committing my first real crimes for money
Offering myself up on a pleasure palace planet star dusting
Snorting more of the pixie dust than I am able to let breathe
Ask me at 27
Is there anyone that is going up to heaven on honey
Or are they simply waiting for me on the broken runways
Like I was seventeen seventy miles away and acting naturally
Some will become friends some will say that they knew me
Others will be smoking grass and selling tickets to the viewing
Everyone will ask if anyone is going to the mortuary to watch it
Everyone will say they are but no one will be there to be witness

A dozen years ago
Like the day that I was born
It began and ended everything
Passing quietly away I died upon a leap day



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    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 5 years ago from Shelton

      what a very interesting read.. voted up and interesting ;)

    • hallamerican profile image

      hallamerican 5 years ago from Valley of the Sun in Arizona USA

      Kudos bibi16. Write from the heart but Hub American.

    • bibi16 profile image

      Bibi 5 years ago from Phoenix Arizona

      Thanks Frank and hallamerican. Can never get enough praises from the heart of a sweet fan and their comments. Thanks again guys. LMAO!

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