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Starting a Blog What You Need to Know

Updated on May 24, 2017

What You Need To Know About Blogging

One of the largest and fastest way people are making big bucks on the Internet. A blog is more of a web journal rather than a website, which allows you to make posts hourly, daily, weekly, or as often as you want, on whatever topic you want to discuss...

When I first heard about blogging my friends were asking me to talk about the trips I was going on. I traveled a lot with Salvation Army. I was always saying how much fun I had. And that the people I was meeting was so interesting. But this was like second hand information. I found out though that I was able to update as often as I wanted and keep them informed about my daily activities.

Then the people who I was sharing with told me I could get paid to do this. WHAT? And that was the beginning of my blogging and I haven't stopped. I started typing short articles for companies and using special links that they wanted. Remember know I am just starting this blogging thing right.

I am a successful blogger because I have traffic. Too technical: traffic is visitors, readers coming to read your blogs. This will only happen if you keep their interest with relevant information. I have those friends who are internet literate and can assist and do assist me. I do call them up! This is the when they showed me how to get ranked when people are looking for a topic that you have published.

Yes, I can get paid for blogging. There are direct contact jobs, submitting my work to publishing companies. There is so many ways to get paid for real. Once I understood blogging the limits where limitless.I got into blogging on other sites, then I created my own blog on my pages. That is how I started getting paid. This was my opportunity to establish my identity on the internet. For me I chose blogging as a solution to bettering my health, I do not stress about the day to day activities I may have to endure normally in a workplace.

"You can make money doing this, sharing your life and adventures". This is the main reason I am blogging. When I started blogging I thought, Wow! "I really don’t have anything to say." and "My life isn’t interesting enough." You will be surprised people all over the world love to read personal stories.

If you are seriously contemplating getting into blogging some ideas to look at are sewing, cooking, riding a bike or just advice that you feel readers will want to read about. Basically anything you can imagine. You need a Niche! Once you have decided the path you are going to take with your blogging, then you will need to register a domain name and set up your web hosting site. You can get ideas from other people who blog, I recommend this because starting out you will need a guide or a starting point. Hot topics are what you want to write about, so to find what is happening out there, you can use social media, search engines and news that is trendy. This way you can find out what is really going on in the world, you can let people know your take on the subject.

If you use web hosting for your site is where the content is stored so people around the world can access your information. Most web hosting solutions are as little as $9.99 a month and they have easy installation. Your main purpose is to find content as you use search engines. You type in what you want to talk about. After you look through what comes and find something that stirs you and not just your audience. You then you either get a page going on facebook for blogging or get wordpress. This way you can create what you want while getting into other blog groups.

My Decision Came When I Couldn't Go Back To Work

"I needed to work from home due to a very uncomfortable illness". I thought about what can I do to help bring in an income? I had no idea of what to do! I began to look through my computer for anything, something to help me. And I did and I started blogging"!

So blogging allows me time to work, do chores, run errands and still have time for self. I really have control over my day. I do content writing, article sharing, blogging and mystery shopping sometime when I am feeling well. I prioritize all my work and stay organized and make that money as easy as I can!

I will not tell you that you want have to work for this, because I did. If you are leaning towards getting into blogging just for the money, then I would tell you, it’s much more than that. We are people providing other people with material that we hope is helpful or can give some insight to whatever it is they are searching for. Yes, when I started this, I wanted to make big bucks and then I found out I really enjoyed telling people about my subject.

I believe that if you put your all into what it is you are writing about you can't go wrong. If you believe you have told the best story and researched if you aren't talking about something you feel you know a great deal about or are considered to be an expert on the matter, you have done your job.

Be honest, real and transparent that way your readers will feel your work! Your efforts will be well worth the time if you think this may be a waste of your valuable time, you should think again. We will show you current members who have had their blogs ranked on the first few pages of some of the major search engines after just a short amount of time; they are now making $500 or more per day!

I recommend you give this a try and just tell your story. Every body loves to read a good story and give your words personality!

I hope for you making the decision to blog, want take you getting ill and having to wait on a once a month check. I can honestly say blogging has changed my life. I am not worried about having work, money or bills. If It takes you too long to decide this isn't for you. As I take this journey I find that it very much like keeping a diary. I blog about many subjects, and I enjoy it so much. You get to know yourself and learn new things about life, internet, business and how things really work when writing.


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      David 6 months ago

      Nice piece. Highly insightful and educating.