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Learning to write, write to earn

Updated on October 7, 2011

I am a novice writer help me learn.

Where do all of your ideas come from? It never ceases to amaze, the depth and diversity of the content here on Hubpages. The richness and quality of the writing makes me realise how hard it will become to establish myself as a good writer. I can tell you now I have umpteen hubs still in construction and abandoned because I feel that they are not good enough for print. So where do I start, I have been hanging around here for a couple of years now, writing a bit here and a bit there, I proudly presented my first hub Save the Planet, Turn the Lights Out out to may family it was greeted by a busting dam of negative comments so I stopped. But now I restarting my ambition to write and sorry guys and anyone who reads anything, I am going to practice to fail.

What is a good writer? I know what I like to read and so therefore I should be able to write mmm! if only it were that simple. I am still dumbfounded where the good yarns come from, how can I start to write good hubs and stories. Another reason to want to write is totally mercenary, I like the idea of a royalty based income which after all that is what Hubpages is. I tried a royalty based income business before, I know that in America you may have heard of this company, Amway. I have just now discovered a new hub!, I will write about my life as an Amway distributor.To be able to write one thing and get paid again and again on that seems to me to be a pretty good business plan. So all I need to do is write something that the masses would like to read. Right I am now sitting here in front of the laptop! and blank blank blank nothing why does the light bulb go out when you most want it. Light bulb moment, read some hubs and then I might get some ideas on what to right my next hub about. But this now feels like I am plagiarizing, sure I understand that it is not just by getting an idea for a subject, but then will my hub be as good as theirs? So like I said earlier I am going to write until I get it right 'sorry'.

On the subject of earning money, haven't a clue what to do here. I have read so many different examples of what to do now I haven't clue what to do. Back links, forward somersaults, seo, the list is endless so how do I earn money? Not that I haven't you must understand, not sure if I am going to break hubpages rules and tell how much, don't be jealous. I may sound a bit flippant but I am actually impressed no seriously impressed. For the last 6 months I have earned 1 cent a month, not sure how, but that means I am 6 cents richer than I was and someone read my waffling :-))))))) Mind still have no idea what I am doing. Is there anyone out there the same if so perhaps we could create a collective, titled 'learn to write, write to earn'. Now seriously the best criticism comes from the audience with nothing to gain so I open myself up, if I am prepared to show it then I must be prepared to blow it.

Welcome to a whole new world and god bless spell cheack


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    • marymootoo profile image

      marymootoo 6 years ago

      Thank you for you comments, Writing is something I have longed to do but never new where to start.

    • Art byT Print profile image

      Art byT Print 6 years ago from Earth

      You just did it! I read your hub because it grabbed my attention. Just write about what interests you or what you wonder about...good luck! :)

    • Dingpo profile image

      Dingpo 6 years ago

      I am unable to give you any guideance .Unlike you writting about topical subjects topics of import. i write about things i conjour up in my mind to get away from the pain and hurt of this world. i become a time travler searching for words. Keep up the very good work.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      You are on the right track with practice! I'm no expert, but I can tell you that persistence with HubPages is a great learning experience. My best recommendation to you is to do loads of reading as you practice your writing.

      Others will have to advise you on the making money part. I've got to much to learn about that to even begin trying to help you there. :)