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Leave my mind

Updated on January 26, 2012

Leave my mind

Seems to be

The end of me

And everything I thought I was

And could be

In my life I have never truly hated

But I'm starting to

And its one I loved so much

How can you hate someone you love?

How can you love someone you hate?

I have lost all hope of this

And anything

I'm not who I thought I was

Because I found myself wishing you harm

I'm not a monster

You taught me that

But than you beat me down

And broke me

I wish I was monster

I wish I was shunned again


Not hated

I know I never did a thing to you

But you’ve lost it

All the respect I had for you

Because of all that you have done

And most of all because you wont tell me why

I don’t want to wish you hurt

But I find I cant get it out of my mind

Cant get you out of my mind

I'm at a loss

How could you change who I was

With a few words

How could you crush me?

How could you leave me beaten and broken

And not even tell me why

I have no choice left

But to become that monster again

I would rather be that

Than the beaten and broken dog that you have made me

I hate you

I love you

I wish you would burn

I wish you the best of luck

And I wish you would leave my mind


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