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Left Behind/a poem

Updated on June 19, 2013

Left Behind

Headlights and fog guide me home, Cold and lost, I drive alone.

A child of darkness, under the night, praying for help, in search of light.

I search for change for hope’s tiny seed, but the wounds on my heart continue to bleed.

The anger and resentment grow more each day, and salvation and redemption seem to fade away.

I find only nothing wherever I go, love and happiness I do not know.

Has God forgotten me? Has he left me behind? Or has he been with me the entire time?

Theresa Bauserman


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    • tbauserman profile image

      Theresa Bauserman 5 years ago from Somewhere in Georgia

      Thank you for reading my work,I am glad that they are thought provoking,for me they just come out of no where, I wrote this one after driving home from work late one morning. Poetry has always been in my blood,it is my therapy.

    • Sphinxs Sanctum profile image

      Sphinxs Sanctum 5 years ago from Southern United States

      Very Well Expressed & relatable which is what poetry should be. It should make you feel and if you don't relate to the words, then they should make you think. I've now read several of your pieces & am feeling a kinship! Thank-you for your writings.