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Left Overs Hunger!

Updated on May 20, 2016

A Metaphor For Love Lost

These pangs of hunger are not from my belly

They come straight from my heart

They aren't for dainty cookies or Barbecue

Parts of delicious flame broiled animals

I require sustenace's it true, but

I shall not eat again, until you

Are once again upon plate

Hurry it is not to late

Wet my lips and dance upon tongue

With kisses made from you

My soul it has decided it

I must prevail

And I will

Starve my flesh to death

For flesh requires flesh

Made from dirt or ash,

It was not designed to last

It can not stand the test of time

So I must dine upon your smile I

Must taste your lips divine

As I

Consume your eyes

Oh how they sparkle much

More tastier then fruity wine

But, yet

Still drunken, is my soul

All because of your beauty

You are my buffet; I need to dine upon

And endless feast of miracles

That will never ever decay

My soul has no Belly


It can not be

Filled with just this one


Left-over by you

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man



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    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 6 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      Oh Apostle Jack, I don't write always for or from my own heart, but to others hearts as well. And by God Jack, we all need a spiritual solution and By God Jack, one has been provided!

      Thanks for the read my fellow Hubber friend write on my wayward friend right on!

      Thanks for the read and comment Apostle Jack. Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 6 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      Seems like you need a spiritual solution.