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Left behind 2/a poem

Updated on September 6, 2013

Left Behind 2

Left Behind

I’m on a lonely road and you’re a thousand miles away, I still think of you every day.

I wish I could hear your voice, or see your face, but you chose to leave, to get away from this place.

I long to touch you, but you don’t feel the same, I often wonder if you remember my name.

Is life treating you good? Are you happy there? I’m still in pain from the scars I bare.

I still miss you, I know I should move on, but it’s hard to forget when you’re all alone.

Your eyes will haunt me, but my heart will mend, my soul won’t be broken, it will only bend.

You took what you wanted, and left me behind, now the courage to heal, I have to find.

Theresa Bauserman


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