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Legend of the Dragon Breath - Part 8

Updated on February 17, 2012
Author : Simon Ledingham
Author : Simon Ledingham | Source

The verdant land of Lasia

slowly decayed to waste,

With disorganized seats of power

anarchy flourished through the years.

War and protestation

spread across the land,

Many thinks now of the instability

perpetuated by their Monarchs insane demand.

Such is the nature of humans

faced with that which they do not understand,

The realm in topsy-turvy

blames vary from whom spoke at the stand.

While the Dragon stayed put in its castle

not once did it show a strand,

Maybe prowling around the courtyard

or the symbolic throne seat of command.

But let us forget for a while

these problems at hand,

And focus our story

to this mythical character of the land.

What we know of this fiery dragon

and its fireball of death,

The anti hero of the story

with a formidable flaming breath.

We know that it once guarded gold

and other treasures buried deep,

We know that it came from the south east

across the wild wide open seas.

Some thought it descendant of Typhos

the hydra of a hundred heads,

But this dragon is more likely of Pontos

a watery serpent borne of the shores.

Even the wisest sage can hardly decipher

the true nature of this fiery salamander,

Spawned deep beneath the bossom of Gaia

a creature unique and rare.

But such idle speculations

is a waste of imagination I now say,

For we shall now shift that moment

where our Dragon was engaged in a lively wordplay.

Heavy fogs settled around the castle

like a foreboding omen of death,

Stifling all noise from the outside

muffling anything inside the dearth.

Away from prying eyes and ears

hissing and laughing sound eerily emanate,

At the hearth of the once grand throne room

two creatures talking at a jovial rate.

'Aaah, I did hate all the humans

blamed them for stealing my Gold,

First time I flew out of that cavern

I did not really think of anything good.

Revenge perhaps and exacting justice

retribution in blood was all in my mood,

I did not understand the land around me

I was hungry, angry and cold.'

'Everywhere was bright green terrain

so unlike my subterranean domain,

The first time I saw this castle

it was magnificent or so it seems.

But unlike my gold filled dwellings

everything here is fake and fading,

had you not helped me do the mending

I would have ruined everything dear Human friendling...'

Authors Notes

Typhon or Typhoes was the offspring of Gaia and Tartarus while Pontos or literally the 'Sea' is also an offspring of Gaia in Greek mythology. Also, some of the plot in this chapter is not clear as it is referring to a future event, this will be explained later.


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    • cebutouristspot profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Cebu

      @Brett.Tesol - Sadly I dont know how to do that :( Do you have a hub about it and what to expect ?

    • Brett.Tesol profile image

      Brett C 

      8 years ago from Asia

      You really are pulling this off. Maybe at the end you should consider putting it out there are an ebook??

      Thanks for SHARING.


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