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Legend of the Dragon Breath - part 7

Updated on February 8, 2012
The Bard by John Martin (1789–1854)
The Bard by John Martin (1789–1854) | Source
The Priestess to be sacrifice
The Priestess to be sacrifice | Source

“My King, my Lord

dear Majesty of Lasia,

Lose hope must you not

for I have yet another bright idea!

Being your humble servant

I live but only to serve,

My words may carry wisdom

but lacks power as you can observe.”

“The latest plan did fail then

yet the war is not at a lost,

The courier thus mentioned silence

after the last breath of exhaust.

Perhaps the Dragon is now sated

from such a fine roast of a feast,

The fiery breath must be caused then

by that Shepherds obvious theft.”

“The flock was indeed many

a mighty volume it was deemed,

Giving dessert while it is weary

a decidedly wise tactical scheme.

The operation might be delicate

as it requires at least,

An offering carried by a noble virgin

preferably a Priestess of the East.”

“Grant me power to command dear Lord

or at least put me in charge,

I was not always just a minstrel

I even have claims to a noble birth.

My father was thus a renowned hunter

he taught me how to bait,

My mothers line was from a Margravine

protectorates of your borderline turf.”

“Despite my humble image

I feel the need to rise,

Right this wrong that plague you Majesty

I promise you the turds demise.

Grant this Bard some voice of authority

to overseer this burdensome task,

Perhaps a rank of Baron

or a Vizcount if I could ask.”

“For I will surely put this beast off guard

and slay this Dragon in its sleep,

Prevent it from ever breathing

those awful fumes of the deep.

Had I this little power

I'll thus convince a Priestess and more,

Instructions and preparations

access to potions of rare Turkestan mint.”

The King of Lasia upon hearing

readily agreed with his advising Bard,

Dismissing the latest failures

like a rotten deal at the cards.

The King realized his folly

but too late the poison was fed,

His Songsters latest suggestion

human sacrifices is what he said.

An offering made by a Priestess

interesting choice perhaps,

Such tactic might not prove fruitless

but still an ill bred plan for mishaps.

Yet the King really now has lost it

wits snapped finally at last,

If the Gods all but deserted

Then this trial might actually be just.

Author's Notes

Turkestan mint is a herbal plant with intoxicating properties, proven sedative and has aromatic fragrance but very bitter.


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