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Lest You Too Vanish In The Darkness

Updated on February 5, 2010


Lest you too vanish in the black!

in the gaping
pie holes of ancient folks
passing their last gasps
lurks the darkness
foul and dank

in satin lined
soundless crates
many have unwillingly
embraced the darkness

in rubber rooms of round
with walls and floors padded,
many have sought to beat
the darkness from their head

in hollow glades in deep woods
by firelight and altar stone
many worship the darkness
until it claims them to
join it's virulent mass


in basement gatherings

the shadows of teens

hovering over a Ouija board

suddenly disappear

as they make more

contact with the dead

then they bargained for.


keep a warm light on
in your soul lest you too
are swallowed by the black
and fade into the depths
of a darkness
that spews no returns.






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