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Let Fall the Crimson (An Original Poem)

Updated on February 7, 2011

 In silence he waits,

Upon the ground beneath,

No stars could sparkle more fiercely,

Than the ones within his eyes,

Regrets burn like the licking flames,

At his heels,

Though the sky splits apart,

Pouring down the droplets he fears,

His hands never tremble,

Nor does his silhouette quiver in the breeze,

The voice that calls his name,

The sweetest melody to caress his ears,

But nothing more than a mirage of sound,

For he knows she is gone,

Vanished like the vapor of a memory,

Ready to slip away,

His dry cheeks attain their moisture,

As his tears glide down,

The wind whispers her name again,

And his hands reach out to the empty plain,

His quivering lips speak the name,

The breath soft and soothing,

Legs are shaking, heart beats twice,

And to his knees he drops and says,

I was not ready for you to go,

Time left us nothing but seconds left,

And if my fingers could only touch,

Your face one last time,

Behind Heaven's Gates you must be,

With wings as soft as the clouds,

My tears cannot speak my pain,

The loss of you,

And I,

My heart aches for you here,

My lungs cry for your air,

My hands are empty without yours in them,

And my mouth empty of words,

The only lasting comfort I have,

Is to whisper my sorrows to the wind,

And pray that these words,

Will reach you from far above,

But it will be hard without you,

The bed I sleep in will forever have,

Your empty space,

The warmth of you against me,

Will never again take place,

Your gentle kiss upon my lips,

I will never again feel,

And though I have life left to live,

And years still left to pass,

It is tempting to take my breath away,

So my eyes may lay rest again,

Upon your face once more,

As I kneel here in this desolate field,

And call your name,

It is useless, I know,

For there is no bringing you back,

The only option left now,

For a shattered heart,

Is to grieve until the hours fly,

And sleep comes once more,

For all seasons and months,

Will flicker to grey,

Without you here to say,

I love you.


Let Fall the Crimson Video With My Own Original Piano Piece


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    • Twilight Lawns profile image

      Twilight Lawns 6 years ago from Norbury-sur-Mer, Surrey, England. U.K.

      Yes, I did enjoy it... if enjoying is sitting here with tears in my eyes, and a very sad heart.

      It was gentle and persuasive, and very much as true loss is.