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Let Not Apathy De-fetus.

Updated on May 14, 2022
MFB III profile image

I have written over 4,000 poems and 1,000 songs and yet I am still searching for that perfect poem or song which eludes me.

There is no easy solutions and a lot of uneccessary reasons but millions of tiny lives have been erased

Let Not Apathy De-fetus.

Please note that extra large 
plastic bags of fetuses....human beings?? 
are being fed into the gaping maw
of blazing furnaces. 
in a daily smorgasbord
of purest innocence consumed 
by flames which lick 
scalding tongues across 
the shameful remnants 
of societies unwanted
eliminating all trace
of human mistakes
that were scraped from 
the unwelcoming wombs
o+ O-> O+ 
Commode lids bloodied
and bobbing pink flesh
half submerged,
floating in a swirl
of bubbles and placenta. 
Teen-aged girls 
evacuating mistakes
they had not 
intended to make. 
Severing the tie
with a kitchen knife
then closing the lid
on a chapter of their life. 
Carefully edited out
only to find new bracelets
to dangle from their wrists,
four weeks before prom. 
Handcuffs and a reduced sentence
are exchanged for a life lost
and a soul blighted forever
O+ <-O O+ <-O O+ <-O O+ <-O
Sirens wail while
extraordinary measures 
are taken to no avail,
as crocodile tears are shed
over the blue cheeks
of a six month old. 
A baby who gave it's last exhale
of sweet milk breath
while being swung 
against a wall
head first into eternity.

Meanwhile the stammering
responsible adult
claims the baby 
was fine just before it's nap.

The victim still dressed
in long sleeves in mid-August
to hide the camel burns
snuffed out on its tiny arms
prior to it's collision
with an angry caregiver
and some wallboard
O+ <-O O+ <-O O+ <-O O+ <-O
I do not sit in judgment
I have not ever had my belly
distended by nine months
of carrying what 
I wished was dead weight.

I am a male of our species
But I have not ever 
spent seed in a woman
who was not willing to
bear its fruit if that
was a result of our 
communion together. 

I think the numbers speak
louder then any words penned. 
I am not against choice
but there are way
too many damn choices 
that could have been avoided. 
Not voided after the fact. 
The endless list of 
negative decisions
disturbs me. 
Perhaps not just the woman
but the man as well, should be held
accountable for mistakes erased.

Let's slap him with
DNA matching and a large bill 
for his errant, careless deposits.
Then all monies would be set aside
to care for unwanted babies
who actually make it 
into this world.

That would be a start.
That might cut down the 
male contribution to abortion
Perhaps a limit should be set
at no more then three abortions?
per every female bearer of life,
"Oh, hell, just make it five.
Let's flip a coin
it is all about choice right."
Make the limit five
of those casual 
matter of convenience
abortions per woman. 

With the exemption
of any, and all
life threatening
and rape induced abortions
which are necessary.

I'm sure even 
the most sainted 
would agree with these 
Perhaps after careful study,
psychological testing,
and courses in anger management, 
licenses should be granted
for parenthood.

Then if a child or infant
dies by your hand
immediate hysterectomy 
or vasectomy, or both
per couple or caregiver as well.

Baby sitting was never
meant to be taken literally

they say: "Teen births in bathrooms
can only be controlled
by education and offering 
birth control or abstinence??"

Hah!!! If you had raging hormones
and a date with the testosterone ridden 
football captain or the homecoming queen
what option would you choose?
A B S T I N E N C E ?????!!!!!

There are few answers
to the infanticide
that continues daily. 
There are none here.

I offer just a statement of facts
and a few suggestive thoughts
that won't end in an 
unwanted pregnancy.
But let not apathy de-fetus 
O+ + + + + + 
Oh, and by the way
the lady who drowned 
her five kids in the tub
one at a time
due to post-par-tum depression.
She parted em forever. 
Post-Mortenis five times 
more depressing, 
then post par-tum.

She could and
should be treated 
easily and effectively
with a very
simple injection, 
just a small dose of liquid, 
far less then her kids ingested,
something to help her 
sleep permanently
administered by the state
and soon I hope.....
but it never was.

© 2009 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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