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Let Us Be Tot!

Updated on October 14, 2009


Let us be tot!



Tiny children dance and sing,
no matter how the world
is going on around them.
They have a music all their own,
and they prance and giggle to
all of it's lovely melodies.

They hold hands of all colors
without questioning why,
to any lesser degree
the act itself.
They smile at all
who pass through
their miniature worlds,
only asking for a smile in return,
and 99% of the time they get one.

They are mirrors of what we were
before life transformed us into
what we are now,
and so we watch
each move they make
and cherish the very
preciousness of them.

They are God's little angels
flitting about on clouds of bliss,
for such a short time.
They are examples that are
full of the ample warmth that
life tends to ex- out of us.
Tiny tots are gifts to all,
sent to remind us of the simpler
beauty of innocence untainted.

So the next time that problems,
seem to overwhelm us with burdens
too hard for us to bear,
let us be taught
by those tiny tots,
who skip around our weary feet,
with joyous vigor,
in the midst of chaos,
quietly observe them and draw
strength from the wisdom of youth.


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