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Let Yesterday Be History

Updated on September 17, 2011

Whatever happen yesterday, stays with yesterday
And that’s the last journey you’ll walked passed
And let this day be a new journey to add a new chapter to your life

If yesterday was a big pain then let today heal
If yesterday was the greatest day then let today cherish good memories
If yesterday was a mistake then let today be the lesson

And always remember to hold valuable memories
Along with each journey
And know that life is always an adventure!

When waking up to a brand new day
Bring it with a brand new smile and brand new life
Because each day has its value that add a great story to your journal

Each journal has few great story to share and to wonder…
Why life can be so mysterious
And so many problem that sometime goes unsolved

But even though it’s a great resource
To learn and to explore….
Let yesterday be the history and today another beginning


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    • slaffery profile image

      slaffery 6 years ago from Kansas, USA

      it's so much easier said than done. To let go of the past. To grab onto the future. The past is what has defined you. The future is a new beginning. Scary either way you look at it. But looking toward the future and accepting that you can't change the past is what we all must do because each day is a new beginning and can be whatever we make of it. Vote up and beautiful.

    • PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

      Justin W Price 6 years ago from Juneau, Alaska


    • Subdomain mom profile image

      Subdomain mom 6 years ago from Tinternet

      This certainly needs to be my lesson in life. The yesterdays scar and hurt. But it is like constantly sticking your hand on an iron. Sooner or later you need to learn to stop self harming.

      Fabulous poem Chanroth.

    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 6 years ago from California, USA

      Thank you to all of you so much for commenting. I agree with each one of you. @jblais, I like you quote about mistake. Thank you! :0)

    • profile image

      JadedLove 6 years ago

      The yesterdays we had paint a beautiful tomorrow, but in the present we ave the most wonderful gift of all, this moment. I love this, Up and way beautiful.

      Johnny Love

    • FitnezzJim profile image

      FitnezzJim 6 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

      Any day you learn something is a good day. Days in the past may be good if what we learned somehow taught us a better way to go forward.

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 6 years ago from Nepal

      Let yesterday be a history so that we learn not to commit the same mistakes.

    • VENZKHVAM profile image

      VENZKHVAM 6 years ago from Milk way galaxy, trying to find a more adventurous place in another galaxy with my great followers


      You are right in one percept to forget th eyesterday and mvoe forward in apositive sence.But as NImesh ahs said sure you need to look back and anlyse what has gone wrong and right to go forwards with much confidence. otherwise wellsaid chanroth,

      voted up and interesting

    • nimeshgraphic profile image

      nimeshgraphic 6 years ago from Chennai, India

      Yesterday is needed for constructive analysis and not for crying over it. well said. good meaning conveyed.

      I liked it.

    • nasseralabdali profile image

      nasseralabdali 6 years ago from Saudi Arabia

      Yesterday remains the past but still influences our present and future activities, that is how life goes on. Your poem is amazing. voted up and awesome! Nasser.

    • jblais1122@aol profile image

      jblais1122@aol 6 years ago from Kansas City, Missouri, USA

      I like. But, remember please, that yesterday' history IS a lesson. Regardless of the lesson, it was a lesson. If a mistake was made, learn from it. If a great thing happened, celebrate it. I do believe that you did point both of those things out.

    • BYCHOICE75 profile image

      BYCHOICE75 6 years ago from fl