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Let Your Dreams Fly

Updated on May 12, 2011

The Bigger The Better

Where is the dream world ?

I can't seem to find it

Somebody told me it was just around the bend

Why would they lie ?

Maybe they were just were mistaken

I will give them the benefit of a doubt

I will walk a little farther and if not I will turn around and go back

Well I hate to turn around now because I have come so far so I will walk just little bit more

I should of asked someone else for directions

Then I would be there now

Just my luck I have to get the bad apple of the bunch

I could of asked anyone

I should of asked someone else as soon as I didn't see any signs

Oh good there is someone

I have to ask her

I am sure she will know?

Women are trust worthy

If they don't know they will just out right tell you

Men will say something and make up as they go

They feel humiliated if they don't know where they are going

Excuse me miss do you know which way it is to Dream World


I haven't been there in a while let me think

I think it is down this way and then take a left at the next intersection

No I am not sure

See I told you

If it was a guy I would be going the wrong way again

No you have to walk to the second set of lights and then you take a left and then it will be on your left

Thanks so much

What's the hurry ?

I have big ideas and I can't wait to turn them into dreams

I use to have alot of ideas too but over the years I got so busy that I never carried them out

That's too bad

Yeah but maybe they were not good enough to become dreams

I didn't know dreams have to qualify

Oh yes they have to be something you really really want

If it is something you think about today and forget tomorrow that won't make the cut

Then they return to the dream scrap yard and someone else might pick it up

I am happy about that

This way the dream lives on and someone else with more persistence and determination will carry that dream so far

Until they decide it is not for them and then back to the dream heap

Just maybe there is a chance they love the dream so much they will do everything to make the dream happen

Now That's A Dream worth keeping

So remember second set of lights

So I walked down a little further

I don't see any signs still

I wonder if she knows what she was talking about

I am having one of those days

Oh look there is that guy who gave me the directions earlier

I want to give him a piece of my mind

I have to run just to catch him

He is going in the opposite direction

I am now more mad than before

Hey Mr. wait up

I don't know if he hears me

He knows I am mad about the bad directions he gave me

I think he went down that long alley and crossed over under the bridge

It's no use

I don't want to get lost

I will head back and I am not sure If I will ever see him again

This area doesn't look familiar

I think I should of taken the other street

If I was paying attention instead of chasing him

I could of given my dream a fresh start

Now I could be walking around for hours before I find Dream World

I know this idea is a good one and this idea is not going to end up in no dream scrap pile

Oh look a sign Dream World two miles

I didn't need anyones directions anyway

I did it all by myself

I am coming up to another sign Dream World one mile

Wow look at all those lights

It is like a Christmas tree with those ultra bright lights

I see a lot of people leaving

I wonder where they are going ?

Oh no the lights went off

I am so close I will be there in five minutes

I am here

Hello anyone here

I can't see anyone inside

The windows are dark

I rang the bell and I knocked

No answer

Let me go around the side and see maybe another door

As I go around the side another door but once again no answer and the window is dark

I think I will go around the front and try the door again

This time I notice a small sign

Sorry we are closed come back tomorrow

You think with all the Big Dreams they would have a bigger sign

Well I am just going to have to hold onto this dream till tomorrow

I will keep it somewhere safe

Locked in a strong box where I know it will be protected

Tomorrow is another day and this dream is on hold for now

I will see you tomorrow with my new idea and only one dream away


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 6 years ago

      Dim Flaxenwick I am one step closer to the day that all our dreams will be lined like pins in a bowling alley and we get to knock them over one at a time or all at once.We just have to keep shooting for them and never say never.Right now some of my dreams are like shooting stars and one is high in the sky so you can see it.Thanx.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 6 years ago from Great Britain

      This had me creased up because it´s so much like my dreams. l´m always lost. Your descriptions of going this way and that, being given wrong directions because men are too proud to say ´´ sorry , no idea´¨ALL OF IT..

      you made my day.