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Let it happen, once in a while

Updated on March 30, 2017

Check it

So, according to a friend

A proper greeting was meant

Just a peck on the cheek

To surprise him, he said,

And that's precisely what I did

So, he smiled

Looking at me, surreptitiously,

For a little while

Knowing I'd always be

The girl who chose to check it before the greeting

Looking back,

It's a fact,

He set us up

As part of some mischief

Well played,

Well done.

Now, we continued to have all the fun

Making plans,

Laughing loud,

Until we hit the ground

All in one,

All the while, he did his,

I did mine

We wasted plenty,

But not all the time, we had some left

Later on, we put it to the test

Looking here, there

Looking blank

Stares at me

When I don't see

Then rubs my feet

While everyone else is looking

At the film

Put out the fire

Watch the screen

Know that nothing can be seen,

Felt, beyond the touch of your fingers

Wrapped in my toes

Just had to lean over,

To make it known.

"Come See, Mami"

Back then, aged now,

Had a feeling that somehow

I'd meet a guy

He'd change my mind

Give me wings

Let me fly

Back then,

Before we were even friends

Saw his smile, perfect smile

Told my mom

"Come see Mami"

That's who I'll date

Made the choice one day

Attempted to follow through

That was one minor mistake

Now, all I need is you,

You to kiss

You to let me live

Just a little bit

Remember, what you taught me then

Let's just be friends

Perfect eyes

Perfect lips

Perfect chin

Down to your hips

Let me taste

Let me feel

Like you're near

Even though, I'm going home

Even though, you're staying here

Remember this

You're all I need

From all of this

So, then I'll say

Come here, dear

It's been four years

And now, I see

Now, I know why I thought

To have you then,

I know why I did.

Take 3


Meetings in the Streets

As unusual as it could have been

As unexpected as it was expected

For us to meet in the streets

But that's how it was

That's how we work

Wandering then

Wondering now

When we'll meet again

Let's leave it for now

Just for a bit

Since the future is unseen

And destiny always repeats

In the meantime,

Let's remind ourselves that it happened

That we found it

That we won't ever lose it

That we're blessed, blessed

To share this gift of us

With all others

All those who'll take a listen

Put an ear against my shoulder

Let the music travel

From ear to ear

Heart to hear

Now, place those fingers against

Black and white keys

As I allow my pen ship to take fleet

To help us both lose control

No sight

In sight.



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