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Let me Breathe - Barnsey's Attempts at Poetry

Updated on March 5, 2012

Here is a song I wrote and presented to the last band I was in, the Tragic Poets. Though I am a metal head at heart I have more soul than the average white boy and this one came out real bluesy when we were done with it.

Sadly the band didn't last and everyone moved on but now I have a new audience for my favorite lyrics and such. That's right, you!

Let Me Breathe

How far do I wade? In this deepest of waters

The times I’ve tried to swim, like a lamb to the slaughter

The harder I try, the less I can go on this way

But I don’t need to breathe, unless you say its okay…

You let me know: When I can give a damn

You let me know: When I can lend you a hand

You let me know: When I’m considered a man

Will you let me breathe: I’m sinkin’ man!

I don’t even know, what it is anymore

I forget what it is I owe, and what I’m beggin’ for

No matter how hard I try, I just can’t get away

But I don’t have to see, ‘cause I’m already dead anyway

You let me know: When it was that you cared

You let me know: When it was I didn’t share

You let me see: How I’ve screwed up your plans

Will you let me breathe: I’m sinkin’ man!

This hole it gets bigger, the longer I tread

My grave already open, I’m sinkin’ like lead!


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    • Barnsey profile image

      Barnsey 5 years ago from Happy Hunting Grounds

      Coming from you that is one hell of a compliment, thank you very much!

    • profile image

      Vincent Moore 5 years ago

      They say behind every musician there is a poetic voice. My friend you cornered and nailed this one. I love it, the chorus I can hear it being sung. Don't give up on this scribe, keep playing it. I see the talent behind these words and of course the Poet emerging in you. Well done, you spoke, you sung to another poet's heart. Bravo, voted Up awesome and beautiful.