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Let me in/a poem

Updated on September 13, 2012

Let Me In

Let me in

God came in to my home and began throwing things away,” These things will only cause you pain, if you allow them to stay”.

“I see within your heart, hate was allowed to grow, the love that use to live here, left long ago.”

“You wear resentment and anger as though it were a crown, always blaming others when life lets you down.”

‘Jealousy and envy have poisoned your mind with lies; goodness and compassion have faded from your eyes.”

‘I gave you a beautiful face but I never see you smile, it seems that you are never happy, not even for a little while.”

‘You cry and complain about all the things you need, but faith grows on hope, and you must first plant a seed.”

“Without my grace and light the suffering will never end, but the choice isn’t mine, only you can let me in”.

Theresa Bauserman


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    • tbauserman profile image

      Theresa Bauserman 4 years ago from Somewhere in Georgia

      Thank you for the reading my work, I'm glad you liked it. I'm always happy to recieve feedback on my poetry.

    • Enigmatic Me profile image

      4 years ago from East Coast Canada

      Very nice. The content is very good, and the timber and pace of the read (I'm not sure the word for that- but the way the words pace your reading) is very rhythmic. THanks for sharing.