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Let them know that someone care

Updated on August 25, 2012
You see i don't know where to begin this short story but i think i have a clue, i have to begin from the middle.

Waiting this long for Abi is not acceptable, i mean, how can he keep us waiting for almost two hours? I became a bit angry because one thing i hate in my life is lateness. I don't play with time.Schedule a meeting for 2pm; i will be there 1:30pm.

It was in a big mall,people doing their own things, lovers eating and shopping, family having fun, you know the activities in a mall. As we sat on our table eating pie and enjoying cans of malt, this creature surfaced from no where.A rag looking creature so one of the waiters wasted no time to chase the poor thing away as i believe he felt.The look on the waiter's face alone was enough to kill the tattered boy.

I saw his pain immediately and knew what was going on inside him.

"You are chasing me away because i am poor"

This poor creature turned and left but as he walked a short distance, i noticed that he had a small company, they were actually three of them, all street kids, you see the restaurant was an open one so everyone saw these three musketeers but none cared for them so i got up and walked towards them, at first they thought that i was either coming to chase them away or maybe hit them. i noticed the fear and defense look on them then with a gentle voice i asked them how they are...

"How are you guys"

The response was so innocent

"Brother,we are fine, thank you"

"Do you guys want to join me on my table"? Anyway, come, come, follow me...

They followed me back to my table and every one was like...what is this man doing?That same waiter that previously chased one of them out saw them sitting on my table and immediately rushed to the table, this time with this Dracula look,' ready to kill'

"Common get out from here, you! you! get out"

But as he got closer, i waved at him to take it easy then told him that i invited the kids then immediately, i asked the kids to tell him what they want to eat...


The order was coming and coming so i had to intervene. Anyway, that same waiter shamefully served them fried rice and a bottle of malt each.I mean, you will not believe his frowned face as he served them and i tried to figure out what he was thinking while serving them but could not honestly get to imagine that. Anyway, the kids whom i nick named the three musketeers had a solid lunch and were very happy.

They waved and waved and waved at us as we were leaving and the smile i saw on their faces helped me ease the annoyance of the guy who kept me waiting for four hours. I mean, he knew the time and date yet did not showed up but then i understood that God never wanted that meeting to hold, instead, he wanted me to be at the mall by that time just to put a smile of those kids' faces and to let them know that someone care.

Everyone in the restaurant kept looking at us as we were leaving and i know that few of them understood what i did and learned from my little act of love


Do not treat them that way, they are someone's kids, cousins, siblings and also calls someone mama if not mummy...

They are still part of us...
They are still part of us...


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    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      6 years ago from Nigeria

      That is who we are sweethearts2 and thank you so much for being the first t approve this.

    • sweethearts2 profile image


      6 years ago from Northwest Indiana

      What a beautiful thought to remember we are parents, siblings, cousins and even neighbors in this world. Awesome story. Thank you for caring!


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