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Lets Put the Omph Back Where It Belongs

Updated on June 19, 2013

What Are You Waiting For ?

Feel the energy and strength you have to do anything your heart desires

It is your choice

Sometimes a bit overwhelming but we have to understand

All things can't be finished in one day

We have to strive for a better life in any way, shape or form

There are highs and lows in everyones life

That gives us a thrill to enjoy

To experience things we have not seen before

To walk along the sea shore and admire nature its natural habitat

Seeing a crab crawl for cover or in search for food

Another crab not so lucky shell and body left half chewed

The sounds of seagulls flying over head

Squawking as they do

Darting in and out of the water searching for an early breakfast

The waves crashing as if they don't care

The soft sand crumbing under foot

Pieces of driftwood scattered about

Even unknown trash that found a home

There is a beauty that we can't hide

An innocence that makes the salt water smell stronger than ever

That awakens life from its core

So carry with you every thought that will push you farther than before


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