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Lets Take A Quick Look

Updated on December 13, 2012

Where Did The Year Go

The year was 2012 and I had high hopes

Where all my dreams were going to come to life

Well at least some of them would of been nice

Where I was going to make more money than I have ever in my life

They cut my hours and now its take it or leave it

So it's not going to happen unless half the crew gets sick and I get to work around the clock for the month of December

I planned on having more money and investing it wisely

The stock market took a dive and bye bye investment and savings

Ooops I missed the boat again

I used the extra money for bills that I couldn't avoid

Unexpected dental work for a crown and a root canal

Wiped out any left over cash and moved me to the top of my dentist Christmas list

With gas prices soaring and oil prices through the roof

The money flying out the window is no myth

Then there was a new car in the works

It didn't happen

We have the old car and need four new tires soon

Then there was talk of going on an Alaskian cruise

Well we have just have to pass and on every vacation after that

When all said and done at least I have my health

Now I am not so sure I just got a pain in my chest

I hope that it is just gas and I have to burp

Maybe all this talk of a year turning sour has taken its toll

So there is always a new list and the best to come in 2013

I will make plans but once again I might fall short

This time it's not my fault

The end of the world in December 21,2012

What happens next is a new plan

Because I believe plans are made and plans are made to be broken


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