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Lets Think Together

Updated on August 16, 2011
Victim Of Circumstances
Victim Of Circumstances | Source

I have been doing lots of thinking ….

But hey what's life! I don’t seem to get it man. This little boy did no wrong but why? He is not ill neither is he healthy all because he’s not eating any good food and water in months let alone some fruits and snacks.

This boy’s dream was to become a top class mathematician and become a very influential person in his country, now any time he looks at himself in the mirror he prays that he gets hold of any thing edible to survive just for the next day.

How can Africa be starving in the abundance of vast lands, good climatic conditions and hard working men? When u sow a hand full of maize, in three months time u get a 300 kg of maize. Yet we are hungry just because we are not our brothers keeper.

Its raining quite well in Ghana and farming is encouraging likewise at the horn of Africa nearly two years there is no meaningful rains. So why can’t Ghana help? The answer is simple… Ghana can’t also feed her self.

The strong and hard working youths prefer to sell dog chains, torch lights, pencils etc on the streets of Accra.

Hey the international community wants to help, but how can u feed millions of people when the dazzling natural mystic sound in the air is shelling instead of rain showers.


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