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Updated on February 27, 2017

Messed Up !

After a harsh day at school, I finally got back home and went to take a shower. My phone had been ringing all day. Going through such a busy day, I had no time picking up calls, so I simply kept my phone in silent mode and I chose to ignore the calls. It was around 5:30 pm when I came back after the shower and my phone rang once again. Seeing the unknown number it was as if my breathe stop, I could feel the cold covering my heart as I saw the clock. All those things I had gone through in these past three years played in my mind as a movie. It was as if history was repeating itself, everything was going as same as the day when he first phoned me. My hand shivered as I took the phone in my hand and decided pick it up.

"Hey, finally got my new number." I heard a cheerful voice of Samantha, my cousin, just few months older than I am so, we are complete best friends.

Sighing "Ah! It's you, I thought…" I paused. There was a silence.

"It was him?" she asked.

I was not able to speak, but just when I thought of explaining, she spoke again. "Ugh! Forget all that, I just called so that you could know my new number but, I am really angry with you", she spoke with mixed feeling this time, both happiness and somewhat dissatisfaction.

"Why…?" I asked.

"Don't you know how many times I have called you today?"

"S… I am so sorry, it was an unknown number, plus I had such a busy day today." I said releasing the carbon dioxide heavily.

Just then, I realized why I was busy. My school is organizing a fashion show next week. I was standing in my messed up room with papers all over the ground, which had all the designs for the fashion show next week.

"Oh crap! I totally forgot about the show next week, damn" I spoke.

"Well, that is what happens when you over think about the things which no longer exists" she said. No, she is not that rude, she was just tired of making me realize I no longer have what I did.

With a sad and guilty voice I spoke again, "I am really sorry Sam; you know I love you, right?"

"Yea, yea same old dialogue you use. Well, you know I hate you, right?" she spoke mockingly.

After a second of silence, we both laughed like crazy. I could not imagine my life without her.

"Ugh…" I could not understand form where shall I start my work, all I know is I will not be sleeping tonight. "Okay Aurora you can do this, it is now or never. You want to be a popular fashion designer right. First, you have to rock this upcoming event. This is the only key to unlock the gateway to your dream." I spoke to myself, trying to motivate my dead body. However, what I said to myself was true, gaining popularity or a title at ENOU University would make your career in fashion designing. ENOU University is one of the famous fashion schools in the country. Being able to attend such a school is more than enough for ones bright future, and then just imagine what would happen if you. I that am one lucky person who got admission in this university, not because I am daughter of a millionaire but because of my academics in high school that helped me get 65% discount in fees. Even with such great discount, it is difficult to pay the fee but I am glad my parents agreed for my further studies in the university despite of the cost. It is my second year in ENOU University and the first fashion show that I am participating.

Thinking of the show, I get all mixed feelings of excitement, nervousness, and so on.

♦ ♦ ♦

After 4 hours of straight work, I hear my mom calling me for the supper. Who would not be hungry carrying all the problems and tension on their shoulder? As soon as hearing my mom call me, without thinking of anything I ran towards the kitchen. My mom and dad were already seated in the dining area, so, I took my plate and sat with them.


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    • Samyukta Shrestha profile image

      Samyukta Shrestha 12 months ago from Kathmandu, Nepal

      Thank you so much.

      Glad you liked it :)

    • itsmesudiksha profile image

      Sudiksha 12 months ago from Nepal

      U make me feel it :)

      good going! looking forward to the next part