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Letter of warning - sample warning letters for poor attendance

Updated on October 8, 2009

This is a sample of a warning letter that can be sent to someone who has a bad attendance history at work. The letter identifies the sender who is normally the boss, supervisor or manager. Thousands of these types of letters are sent out to employees everyday in many different companies. They can be a bit hard to write if you're not comfortable about the command of the English language. Also some of these letters may be needed later if the person ends up being fired or if they decide to go to court over the matter. So take very good care when writing these types of letters. The one below is an example that can be modified to fit different situations. There are hundreds more online if you do some searches you'll find more examples that you can model.

Click here to learn how to write warning letters. You can also find more job-related letter samples here.



TO: Carl Richards

FROM: Lena Chapman, Personnel Manager

DATE: October 6, 2006

SUBJECT: Initial Written Warning for Poor Attendance

On September 7, when I met with you in our staff office I counselled you about recent absences from work as well as your late arrivals. I have looked at the register for the period beginning September 10 and ending October 1. The records show that you have been absent from work six Thursdays in a row. You were also late seven times in September.

This pattern of attendance is not unacceptable. As you already know, the terms of your employment clearly specifies that you have to be on time and sets out procedures and rules concerning missing work. I expect to see an improvement in your attendance immediately otherwise further corrective action may be necessary.

cc. department file


TO: Carl Richards

FROM: Lena Chapman, Personnel Manager

DATE: December 6, 2006

SUBJECT: Second Written Warning for Poor Attendance

On September 7 we discussed your poor attendance and also I wrote you a letter on October 6 about the same issue. You were informed that if your problem of poor attendance continued, you would be subject to further disciplinary action as provided for under the terms of your employment.

Since October 6, you were late for work five times and were absent three times in November without providing any explanation. We consider this situation very seriously and I must inform you that as this is a second warning, if this problem persists, we will have no choice but to take more severe corrective action. This may include suspension without pay and ultimate termination.

I would encourage you to discuss this matter with me as soon as possible, if you have any questions or concerns.

cc: Personnel and Human Resources Administration

Letter of warning - sample warning letters for poor attendance
Letter of warning - sample warning letters for poor attendance


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    • profile image

      Werner Lenga 

      4 years ago

      Thank you for the assistance. It really help me.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      最新我都want to quit,不過唔係份工. 而係一段relationship~苦惱中既我,竟然係睇呢篇文章既時候,搵到一D insight. I think i want to take a break raehtr than quit it. Thank you for the inspiration. TT

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I had car accident (it wasn't my fault, it was pearkd when another car run into it). Few days after I've received a letter from my isurance company saying: Please contact us to confirm how the details of the other party were optained? . Also they are asking me if I was a witness of the accident or did a witness provide me with information. I don't know what exactly they are asking about? Dothey want to know how I get details of the other driver or are they asking about the company that have my car now to repair it?


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