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The Poems I Never Wrote

Updated on May 6, 2020
Tinotenda Manyumbu profile image

Sharry the silent poet is an undercover poet who writes for fun and this is the first of her poems to be published.

The poems I never wrote

The midnight thoughts that never made their way out of the confines of my mind

The great unknowns I have never shared

Either because of the fear of being misunderstood or the fear of unraveling false knowledge that I have already acquired

Thoughts about the divine

The mysteries entrapped between the skies and the waters

The dark pits within our hearts that we've locked and permanently disposed of the keys

The skeletons we keep as pets in our closets

Our fears and insecurities,

The roots of the behaviors we exhibit

All the things that words can only undermine and not fully describe

The concepts I have chosen to keep secrets because I cannot find the right words to correctly put them into perspective

Poems I have written and erased for the fear of being judged

Poems about my understanding of life and love and sex

The deep waters I'd rather leave unstirred and have myself and others believe they're still waters, knowing partly and fully that danger lurks beneath the surface

And they run deep, much deeper than I'll ever be bold enough to admit,

And they pose a threat to most people's foundational principles and what they believe forms the basis of their worldviews and beliefs

The poems that would quake the earth and leave it in debris and shrapnel,

A Magnitude of 8 on the Richter scale

Poems that would leave most with no opinion

The poems about my views on race that most would think are anti-white because they go against the standards that have been determined beforehand by former 'trendsetters'

Poems about the mental slavery that we are subjected to from the day of birth and how mental liberation is still a fantasy so close yet so far.

Poems about death and what awaits when this life runs out

Poems about time and hard work

Money and evil,

People and relations

Matters of the heart and the strength of the mind

Goals and dreams

Anger and fury

Hopes untold of

And the violent healing that takes place in solitary confinement during the hours of the night when you have no one but yourself to ask the hard questions

Poems about the people who have done you wrong

All the critical reviews about our crooked society

And mishandling of power in all its forms

Hopes of a better tomorrow and possibly a future that guarantees no pain

How pain is taught and we wouldn't feel it had it never been invented

How The Most High chooses broken vessels

And makes the broken whole

How I would come up with a formula to numb emotional pain if I could, not for me as I have mastered that(Have I though), but for those who continue to be tormented by their own thoughts

How I'd teach people to read minds and eliminate the need to say the difficult things

How I'd get people to do their best and treat each other like treasure

I'd reintroduce humanity

And make Afrika great

Poems about unnecessary social constructs that only make life difficult

All the stuff I do not have the guts or the words to say

All the poems that I've never written

Because I know the power of words,

If it took words to create a universe

Then surely words can initiate more change than I can handle

So I keep frightening opinions a secret

And they will remain the poems I never wrote

Should I publish my poetry more often? If yes, please suggest titles in the comments section.

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This poem really is a raw and authentic piece that seeks to make the readers understand why I do not write poems about certain issues. It is controversial in nature so please be nice and leave constructive criticism down below. This is not usually my style but I am very versatile so do not hesitate to suggest topics that seem unorthodox. I break tradition all the time so let's keep the ball rolling. The title was suggested by one of my friends by the way.

Disclaimer: I am not anti-white. I just believe in giving people the recognition they deserve despite their skin color(or race as it's normally called) and empowering the people we've been trained to think of as less human.


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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      12 months ago from Queensland Australia

      I liked the title "The Poems I Never Wrote." It made me want to read to find out what they were and why. So now you have to let us see the poems you will write. This was well written and an interesting read.

      Maybe you need one titled, "The Poems I Should Have Written", or "The Poems I Need to Write,"


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