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Letter to Grandpa

Updated on October 24, 2015
GARH608 profile image

I wrote these during some dark times. Putting a voice to some pain, that my family would never agree with me doing. BUT I DO IT ANYWAY!!

Journey to a reunion

I spend my life waiting. Pretending to do what everyone else is doing. Work. Eat. Sleep. Work. Eat. Sleep.

When in reality, I hope that I remember a dream. A dream of how I leave this world. Just like the dream I had that told a part of my future. I want a dream of when I meet my Grandfather on the other side. That's what I wait for, every night.

Grandpa, I'll meet you at our Rainbow Bridge,

where dogs, cats and horses that lived;

Run and play and continue to thrive;

despite the ends of our timelines.

There is so much beauty out your way,

No pain, stresses, concerns gone astray.

It's really my only get away.

That's my dream now,

that's where I want to be.

There's nothing for me here.

I look forward to seeing you there.

At my timelines end.


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