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Letter to a stranger

Updated on May 5, 2010

Dear Stranger

Dear Stranger,

I am a musician… What does this mean to you?  I can only dream now that someday stranger it would mean the world to you.  You see I was born in Mandeville Jamaica, on September 25, 1983 to a beautiful loving mother and father.  Back then I was too young to understand that what I would embark on, this journey called life, would lead me to the place I am right now.  This place that is so real that I question even the reality of it.  You see stranger, I have seen many things in my life, and many things I have seen have not been my own to see.  I negate the very wisdom that my peers so heavily believe I have.  You see stranger, my dream is to enlighten the world, so I seek all there is to understand that I may be able lift even the lowest of spirits into the highest of places.  What better a day than this to begin, and who better to begin with than you?  I bid you stranger; open your heart to me as I am but a young man with a dream, a dream that I hope would one day change the lives of strangers across the globe.  But how can I do such a thing I am just a musician?  I use melodies and the pulse of my very heart to construct that which moves and alters the mind.  I create the very ambiance that so inspires the mind into action. I am asked how, and why, and when I create, but I’ve never been asked who I am.  Do you want to know who I am stranger? 

I am a writer… What does this mean to you? I can only hope that someday it would mean everything you could ever desire it to mean.  You see stranger I don’t know you, but through this writing I pray that you would know me.  Why?  It is such a lonely world, not out there, but in here.  Inside where the world I live in is created.  You see stranger the only difference between my world, and your world is the way we perceive things, and the perspective we take.  Your perception of me I may never know, but I perceive you as just a stranger.  If I told you that you may know me more than even those who know my face, would you believe me?  Do you still wonder who I am?  

I am a poet… What does this mean to you? I can only imagine that it would mean a renewed spirit for you.  I have never seen you before stranger but I love you.  Yes stranger I love you.  I don’t know you, nor do I know what impacts you have made or haven’t made, but you make a difference.  To me stranger you are everything I could ever hope for or dream for.  You reading this very sentence is what I live for.  What do you live for stranger?  Do you live to make a difference?  If so be proud, for you are making a difference right now at this very moment, and you have placed a smile on my face.

Rhayme S. Roumel  


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