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Letter to love

Updated on June 11, 2016

Dear Love,

The irony is that you may be called "love" but a lot of people hate you. I guess you would have never imagined it. But it is the truth. That's right, you heard it right. I hate you.

I hate you for you started it when I was in the twelfth grade. When you struck him first and made me believe that you had taken down me too when you actually had not. You struck him hard and convinced him that I'm meant for him. You made him believe that I mean the world to him. You instigated him to ruin my tranquility. Eventually, with your support, he made me believe that he is the one and got me devoted to you as well. You drove me crazy and got my focus scattered. You were the reason behind the biggest failure in my life. I ended up with bad score in the board exams. It knocked some sense into me and I started running away from you and him until he got heart-broken and disappeared from my life.

I thought I was mature enough to not fall for your tricks again after I landed in college. But then again you proved your strength in playing tricks. I hate you for you hit me for the second time. This time you struck me first and made me believe that he's the one for me. I have known him from my school days. I sought his company to help me recover from the first fall. He slowly healed my hatred for you and that's how you got me fallen again. This time even harder and even better. You helped me drag him and got him fall deeper into you with me beside. But the pace at which you helped me pull him down was the same pace at which you helped him pull away and get up and run away. You let him escape but you got me trapped. You did not release me even after he was long gone. The journey from your trap to my freedom left a never-erasable bruise in me.

The bruise you had caused never let me forget the pain. It kept me from becoming your prey each time I was pushed to the verge of a fatal fall. I made myself stronger and became completely resistant to you. But you did not give up. Just before I graduated from college you struck him. He who was much older than me. You matched him to me. You had this faith sowed in him that I am the perfect life partner for him. You gave him the courage to persevere. He ensured that no matter what, when the time comes for me to get married, he will be the groom. He talked his parents and mine into it. But neither you nor him cared about what I felt. I convinced myself to live with it.

As life went on, I had learned to face it and live with it. That's when you played a dangerous game with me. You struck me again, shattering my resistant shields into pieces. This time, you hit me straight into the deepest portion of my heart. He who was my first crush. He whom I never thought would cross my path of life, ever. He whom I had never talked to, despite having known him for eight years. You had to bring him into my life only after all that happened. You are evil. You bring the perfect guy for me. You bring my soul-mate to me with a clear message that I can't have him. I get it. you love getting me wounded, disappointed and shattered. But, why did you have to make him fall for me, as well. He who has the purest of hearts. He, who loves me with all his heart. He, who is willing to do anything for me. Parting was always a failed solution that we proposed to end the trouble you caused.

Each time, we pulled away, you pushed us back to each other. Due to the pressure that you put us both on, we decided to be with each other as long as possible. That's when you proved how deeply you had made us fall in you. You proved what an addictive drug you are. You showed us what you can do when we surrender ourselves to you. You made me forget everything. You erased my line differentiating what's right and what's not. You made him show me what infinite love is. Even though sometimes reality hit me, I was still in your trance. Suddenly, reality blew me hard and made me realise that you had been playing with both our emotions. You had put us into a place where the idea of parting had become unbearable especially to him. Everything began to fall apart from my end. Fear started over shadowing other emotions and it slowly turned everything sour. Finally, here I stand where he questions my loyalty and love for him. Here I stand, with the company of nothing but solitude and grief. Here I stand, with gratitude and hatred towards you for the incomplete fairy-tale you had given me.

Thanking you,


your victim.


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    • profile image

      Gowtham 14 months ago

      Poetry made in paragraphs.

      Personification couldn't be done any better.

      The human mind is fragile and the way how we are toyed with by our surroundings is inexplicable.

      Love is nothing but a mix of pain and joy. We cherish love and curse it depending on how love chooses to play with us.

      The author showed immense brilliance while talking about love hiding the joys and highlighting the pain.

      I'd give this article a 10/10.

      I wish she writes more.