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Letter to the Anguished

Updated on May 18, 2011

I dislike all the anger when on the edge of dispersing

holding every word, every syllable before I explode.

The tension grows higher than the twin towers; Love is still in my shadow as I forgive and forget,

never revenge and regret on my soul.

never will my heart exceed, overdue, or go yonkers over you

for this injury has made me invincible.

I still feel for you and I cannot fathom why

but hey maybe your life is a lie,

projected from all the words,

all the gossip that your ears touched,

you were gullible enough to believe them.

(What the f**k?)

(Why the f**k am I holding on to high school s**t right?)

I want it over but this is weird,

I get mixed signals (Are we clear?)

But don't provoke me so I could look stupid again,

s**t ain't the same nope I'm newer than I've ever been,

but All i can do is assume

which makes me look like an a**.

So hey f**k it all the anger had to fall

to the script and the wit of my mind has left me content...

with nothing,

but ash and......

(Man, f**k it all.)

......her existence give me hope....            -_-


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