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Letterhead Printing – Your Professional Reputation on Paper

Updated on May 10, 2011

Letterhead Printing


What does your letterhead say about you or your business? Letterhead printing should reflect your business or personal brand and colors. The more repetition of branding your customers see, the more memorable you and your business become to them. When they need the services you offer, your memorable branding can bring in their business for you rather than your competitors. Professional letterhead printing sets communications apart as professional and credible. When a business does not have a professional letterhead, the business seems fly-by-night and untrustworthy to most consumers. Your letterhead provides you with a sense of identity. Clients will understand right away that they are working with a professional entity and recognize your business from other items bearing your logo or brand.

For over a hundred years, most letterheads have contained not only business and contact information, but also some kind of picture. The picture can be a logo or brand, although some companies also include a picture of their primary location or services. There are some professional considerations when planning letterheads. Letterhead printing for partnerships should include either the names of all the partners or none of them. The branding on your letterhead should match that of your physical locations, business cards, and advertisements, so as not to confuse your customers.

The original way of producing letterhead printing was through the letterpress, invented in the 1400's. Even in the fifteenth century, some companies and individuals began to use the letterpress to create business and personal stationery. It was time consuming and expensive. However, now printing technologies make professional letterhead very affordable for businesses. Paper making technologies have also changed, giving you more options for types of paper and colors of inks to be used in your letterhead stationery. You have many options to make your communications with clientele more memorable and professional.

One of the biggest benefits from professional letterhead is the credibility it gives your company. Professional letterhead printing infers to potential business clients or colleagues that your business is reputable. It conveys that you practice your business with professionalism and capability. Stability is also assumed when people see a professionally printed letterhead on your stationery. So, what does your letterhead say about you? If you don't have one, its absence is speaking volumes to those who receive your communications. It is saying the opposite of all the things a professional letterhead implies. Instability, unprofessionalism, and no credibility can be transformed with the addition of a professional letterhead.

Sacramento Letterhead Printing

If you are looking for a company that provides custom letterhead printing in Sacramento, Action Printing can help you with you visual communication. We can provide you with a design and print with different paper stock options.


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