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Letters From Vietnam: A Creative Writing Piece

Updated on March 15, 2012

Dear Mom and Dad,

To start off, yes I’m still alive. Surprise! After 4 weeks of fighting, they gave us two days off. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but you’d be surprised how beautiful it is in Vietnam when you don’t have to kill anyone… After 10 days straight of rain, the sky finally cleared up today before sunset. It was kinda beautiful in a weird, deadly kind of way.

At night, as we settled down for a much needed sleep, it got quiet enough for where you would have heard the train chugging down the street from our house back home. Except, in Vietnam, the innocent sound the chugging train has been replaced with the whirling of helicopters and call and response gunfire.

That only reminds me of the fact that I’ll be killing again tomorrow… The smell of my soap replaced with the copper taste of blood in my mouth and the smell of gunpowder. I think it’s easy to assume that I can’t wait for this war to be over. I miss you both, and I hope I’m home soon.




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    • Pensive Pages profile image

      Pensive Pages 5 years ago

      thank you!