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Levels Of Love

Updated on January 12, 2017

Something New Something Great

My wife and I have been married fifteen years

You think by now we would have covered love from head to toe

Seen it at every angle

The really wonderful and breath taking highs

The tough lows that carry us through any rough patches

Once again I am wrong

I think as we get older we change our perspective on life

Our views of everything we do become different

We continue to reach a new level of passion

One of togetherness

A stronger bond and connection

I am convinced that love comes in levels

That as we age the same loving nature that we have done before

May become more romantic or passionate

Just thinking about each other which we have done so often

Now brings in a deeper phyisical reaction

One I thought was not possible

So hard to explain

A simple and sincere peacefulness

For us doing so many different things together daily

We work depending on each other more

As well as independently on our special interests

At the end of every day

We have covered so many feelings and emotions

Our love and passion is our safety net

We often say

No matter how bad our day is

We have each other to see us through

I am so happy to be married

When you see so many crazy situations and all the drama in other relationships

I wonder where they find the time and energy to fight and argue

If they could reconnect the way they once did

Take the power of love

Turn it around to accomplish incredible things


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      15 months ago

      Fullerman2000 I am blessed with a strong friendship that developed into a beautiful love. There are many people I know that were married long before me. I look forward to the next fifteen years and I can only imagine what great experiences I will enjoy. Thank you for sharing.

    • Fullerman5000 profile image

      Ryan Fuller 

      15 months ago from Louisiana, USA

      Seems like you guys know exactly what it takes to have a successful marriage. Best of wishes so you guys can continue to grow as a couple. Love will always change and that what makes it great. It never gets boring. Great work.

    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      15 months ago

      Eiddwen A marriage becomes so much more than a piece of paper. It is the ultimate bond of two people who love each other so much and plan to spend the rest of their life together. They find ways to work through the tough times and remember all the good. They know and understand how each person makes each other greater than they are apart. Thank you so much for reading and sharing.

    • Eiddwen profile image


      15 months ago from Wales

      I loved this gem and how wonderful to read of such a deep and sincere love between two people. Take care and lots of love from my little corner of Wales to you both.


    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      21 months ago

      Nellieanna Spending time together creates new thoughts and ideas that are so special. Our love grows faster than the tall, green grass after two weeks of straight rain. To bathe in that love from each warm and comforting feeling is so natural. There will be other times where we struggle together to find a way to make it through the day. Now is so fulfilling as breakfast in bed. When your eyes aren't even open and your lips are tasting so many different mouthwatering flavors. Propped up against two soft,comfortable pillows. Still all warm and tucked tightly in the bed. Thank you for reading and sharing. Off to work providing for our future and doing everything so we can enjoy any free time together. Have a happy morning and a good day too.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      21 months ago from TEXAS

      It's so joyous and heartening to hear of real love enduring! I'm happy for both of you!

    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      21 months ago

      Nellieanna I am so thrilled to read your comment. Wonder real change that influences everything we do. Sometimes so slight we don't even notice. Other times bigger changes happen that we see and view as if we were watching a mini movie. My wife and I had both had come from sad relationships previously and we know what we didn't want making it easier to enjoy what we truely love. Thank you for reading and caring. We spend a great deal of time together before and after work. Sharing so much is the only way know and love.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      21 months ago from TEXAS

      Beautiful, beautiful testimony to love - and all it is as it endures! Endurance is not a valid measurement of the reality or existence of love while it does exist. It can continue indefinitely, but it can change.

      If it could not change, it would be devoid of LIFE. Life IS change. Our blood can't get settled in to the veins ad arteries, but MUST keep moving and picking up nutrients to take to various areas where needed. Our hearts can't take a vacation from beating and every beat is one that has never happened before. Our brains can't get comfortable thinking the same old thoughts or just resting from thinking new ones. We would stagnate and die if it didn't 'keep up' and change with the realities going on. And we would wither under a compulsory kind of 'love'. Sign an agreement and never change would be almost a death sentence. Of course we must be able to trust/rely on someone we've chosen to spend the rest of our lives with and of course, that means a two-way effort and commitment. Of course some rough moments which challenge it will arise. Love steps in then.

      What love is and does is to inspire and to stimulate our best responses together with a loved one. When it continues to fully exist as LOVE, to renew, to refurbish tself and the relationship, to blossom, and grow, it becomes more and more the love as you describe it, love that does endure and LIVE.

      My precious George and I had such a love from the beginning till his death, and I’m sure it would continue still if he was still alive, - because it was an ALIVE love. We each had our own interests but we were always together, maybe in another part of the house or grounds, maybe each of us had somewhere else to be briefly, but we never took separate vacations from each other or from our life together. It was not a restriction or a need. It was just what we both wanted - to be together every day. We always sat down together at the end of the day, whether he'd been out in his workroom most of it or I'd been involved in mine, we just naturally came together to share our days and to BE in each other's much preferred company! That is important, to prefer being together. I’d go fishing with him sometimes, though I’m no real fisher person. I might take my sketchpad or writing equipment but it was fun to try to fish with the fishing equipment he bought me. I’d cast a few lines but was not dedicated to the effort. That was OK - and more so! It was sharing an experience! We both enjoyed camping, so did that together. Earlier, we’d both experienced choking, impossible kinds of marriages in which we could never do enough or please enough, and we’d even suffered some kinds of abuse in them, but we’d both stuck with those truly as optimistically and as long as possible. We knew the futility of that kind of relationship and so we even better recognized the beauty and LIFE in the beautiful relationship we found and shared together - and we focused on it, not on the past, other than to understand how that can and sometimes does happen.

      But I’m so much in agreement with you about what love is. I like your words,”. . . Our love and passion is our safety net . . . “ It brought to mind a little poem of mine:

      Let me be
Your banner.
Raise me up
Each morning.
Lower me
Each night.
And hide me safe
Inside your heart
Till needed....

      Let me be

      Your safety net

      And you'll be


      ____© Nellieanna H. Hay

    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      21 months ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee I think all people in love need their alone time as well as together time. With both of you working at home it be great but I can see when you can be under each other's feet. A happy medium and love will thrive. Thank you for reading and sharing. I love being with my wife and she is my best friend. There are times we want to do different things. That's fine and we understand and appreciate each other and later we bond together once again.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 

      21 months ago from Riga, Latvia

      Being together 20+ years I will tell you that the best thing we did for out love is taking time away from each other. He works downstairs on his laptop and I work upstairs on my PC. This way we don't step on each other's toes. Then we have our meals together and again go our separate ways. It takes a lot of pressure off of having to be sweet and polite all day.

    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      21 months ago

      ChangingTide2331 Life is complicated enough without more stress or pressure from your closest partner. Instead of always trying to fix what's broken. If we take what works and magnify that. What a wonderful surprise we will have waiting for us every day. Then our troubles don't seem as big after all. Thank you for reading and sharing. Together we can accomplish so much more than we ever could alone. Have a great night.

    • profile image


      21 months ago

      If more couples saw things your way, there would be more satisfying marriages & less divorce. Great description of a happy life together.

    • Missy Smith profile image

      Missy Smith 

      21 months ago from Florida

      I see everything you described in my parents, DreamOn. They have made it 50 years this coming Summer, and they are more in love now than they were when they started out.

      Growing together, it does make a difference. I think if you hang in there through all the bad times as well as the good, the appreciation for each other just expands into wonderful!! I hoped for that, but unfortunately, it seems I picked the men who got bored and wanted to move on.

      It is really nice to know that some people in this world can find time to remember love for what it was and what it could become. I think this was a marvelous prose piece. :)

    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      21 months ago

      MsDora As always I appreciate all friendly reminders. I am pleased you have found the time to read and share. My mind races with a thought and if I am not careful I lose the idea quickly. I guess my mind has bad grammar also. In a world where we can find so much beauty people get hung up on the few disappointments in life. I don't think I will ever understand people. Why can't most people be like you and offer good suggestions to help improve someone's life. Then someone else this time me I listen and learn and I am thankful for your continued support and suggestions. Either I once knew and I forgot or I never really learned it the first time. Wishing you an afternoon filled with endless wonders. Thank you for being a friend. Love is all around us all we have to do is find it and enjoy it.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      21 months ago from The Caribbean

      Beautiful description of a happy, fulfilling relationship. More joy to you and a wife going forward. (Just a friendly heads up: Second line--change "would of" to "would have.")


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