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Librarian's Closet: Michael Crichton

Updated on May 23, 2017

I’ve been getting overly excited about this book release for a while now. Michael Crichton is releasing a new book called Dragon Teeth. Like the Jurassic Park franchise, it’s theme surrounds paleontology and the politics involved. Dragon Teeth is takes a new look at field as it’s developing in the late 19th century during the biggest archeological and paleontological discoveries. As much as I want to gush, I feel like it would be more appropriate to look at the man and some of his previous works.


(John) Michael Crichton

Born: Oct 23, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois

Died: Nov 4, 2008 in Los Angeles, California

He was a workaholic who would withdraw into intense hours of writing when drafting his novels. Critchon married a total of five women over the course his life (Joan Radam, Kathleen St Johns, Suzanne Childs, Anne-Marie Martin, Sherri Alexander) with two children (Taylor Anne from Anne-Marie, John Michael Todd from Sherri). He died suddenly after battling cancer in 2008.

He liked to keep to his life private and the people who had a chance to know him will never forget how loving and generous he was.

I want to keep the privacy of Crichton and his family but go to the links down at the bottom to learn more if you’re curious.


Jurassic Park and Lost World

I was too young to read Jurassic Park when it was still new but I grew up with the films. They are to this day my favorite. You have genetically engineered dinosaurs running around an expensive resort and eating people because someone got greedy.

It’s a beautiful example of why people shouldn’t mess with nature. The research was top notch for the time and still holds water in certain areas.

State of Fear

It’s been awhile since I read this one and I think I’ll reread it and get back to everyone but I do it was awesome. Eco-terrorists trying to create disasters but manipulating the weather. The bibliography at longer that a human leg and the detail was amazing.

Pirate Latitudes

This was another one that I melted over. It’s so different from what Crichton normally does but that’s not a bad thing. He did his research and crafted a beautiful story of 17th century pirates. I have heard people say that they don’t like it because it’s not what he had written in the past. Personally, I think it was a great story to release after his death.


Personal Thoughts

I do have another reason for making Michael Crichton the first of many authors for this project. He was essentially the one that started this journey of curiosity and research. While I wasn’t old enough to actually start reading Jurassic Park when it first came out, the movies captivated me and pulled me into many of the interests that I now cherish. He was a brilliant man and sparked curiosity in a lot of people. His death felt like one of those “beginning of the end” type of scenarios. I doubt we’ll ever find anyone like him again.

Posting Note

I’ll be doing more like this where I talk about the author and some of their works that I have read. For a few of them, it’ll be an ongoing process. I won’t go crazy but I do want to share some of the books and authors that mean something to me.

Until next time.


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