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Lickety Split , How did Christmas change ?

Updated on December 17, 2011

Lickety Split ! How did Christmas Change ?

Christmas Now they say

Ah !!! Bah Hum BUG !

Old saint Nick in a sleigh

Down the chimney he would go

Happy and chubby as could be

A few things back then for each household in tow

And Now loads of presents under a tree

And lights all over everywhere you see

To show all it's glory and glee

Christmas is not what it used to be

Just a few things before next year

Family and friends and cheer

Within their hearts filled with old time joy

Their actions and their words

That Christmas wasn't for just the toys

Hugs , love, and laughter filled the air

OH ! yes at times there was despair

But for the moment who cared

But now the kids cry

or even make ungodly noises

and give you a mean look in their eye

When they don't get

exactly what they... Asked....for

The pouting and shouting start .......lickety-split

So take heed

This for sure

This is not the same day indeed

From way back then

to here and now

With my hand on my chin

Ah ! ... Bah Hum Bug ! at last

Christmas now ,

is not Christmas past

Merry Christmas to Xmas to Seasons Greetings

Ah ! .... Bah Hum Bug !!!

I am pleading

Now the meaning

Is not the same because we

Shake your hand with Seasons Greetings

So when you look under my tree

This year and see , if I have one at all

Presents only 1 or 2 and maybe three

It is because I Love You

No box , bag or money will do

Forever and Always , My Love and Heart are here , Just for You


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    • graebear profile image

      graebear 6 years ago

      Thank You fennelseed and a Merry Christmas to you and all yours

    • Fennelseed profile image

      Annie Fenn 6 years ago from Australia

      It is so unfortunate that Christmas has been claimed by the commercial world and "peace and goodwill" have been replaced with "Must Have" advertsing and brainwashing. Your poem says it all and finishes beautifully with the greatest gift of all - Love!!!

      Great writing and thank you for sharing. My votes to you, Graebear as well as Christmas wishes for a fun-filled, loving, caring and sharing time. From Fennelseed.

    • graebear profile image

      graebear 6 years ago

      MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL ..Here is my little poem to you, from me to all the friends, and the hubbers ...