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Life - A mystery

Updated on December 8, 2012

Life - A Mystery

Life is always amazing and amusing. From the experiences I had till now, it seems that it exists in a highly cyclic form and this vicious circle goes on and on and on. Everything, whatever we do gets compensated by some other act. In short, nature balances everything or to be more precise makes everything even.

I must write about some instances as well. Life, sometimes seems to be too easy, smooth and peaceful. The flow is so great that we wish that it lasts forever or at least for sometime. But nature has its own plans. It changes everything suddenly and you're back to the reality with the same old life how it used to be. Or, you're in love with someone, I must say extreme love, spending high quality time, doing whatever it takes to keep them happy and expecting the least from the other side. And yet again to make everything even, they make you angry one day and everything turns to ash.

But on the other hand, if things weren't getting even, we might have not been able to witness the delicacies of the life. The feeling of joy and appreciation after the hard work and adversity, the taste of food after hunger, the value of water when you are thirsty on hot day, the sound of music after witnessing the deafening noise or the pleasant feeling of sense of warmth in extreme cold and vice-versa.

So the conclusion is that the life is full of velvet lies and the truth is as hard as steel. If you strive to find out the biggest mystery which is the perfect balance between everything in life, then life can become more easy and beautiful otherwise it will still be a mystery. But don't be afraid if you can't find the balance, because life still goes on somehow.


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