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Life As Known

Updated on July 16, 2015

The Introduction

I, having been on this planet for some years now and still in it, do understand certain aspects of this life. The path of life is never entirely straight. As a people living together, we do make one another happy and do hurt ourselves as well. There are ups and downs. Sometimes we realize that we’re all we have. All we have is one another.

It can be difficult to understand even the basic relations of this life. It takes time and constant research to firmly grasp just an aspect of it. One’s life can be greatly made up of comics and a few anti-climaxes. It all depends on the understanding of the individual and how he tends to view his own life and portray it to the outside world.

As usual, I do take some time off to give this life in which we’re living, a thought and ends up voicing it out in poetry.

this life

1. Smile when you’re glad,

Cry when you’re sad,

Laugh when you’re happy,

Life is never a smooth path,

But never back down.

2. Little Johnny has been born,

A new life has been born,

Full of ignorance but full of expectations,

Yet he will grow and know,

He is life and life is he.

3. Mama cries for her sons all day long,

Papa travails on the fields all day long,

The song bird sang of their sorrows,

But without a depth of understanding,

Only time will reveal the deeps of life.

4. It is hard to tell where the wind is headed for,

It is hard to tell how fast the dust settles,

Pick yourself up from the ground,

Born to make a meaning out of life,

And that, my friend, is life as I know it.

The Discussion

Stanza 1

The writer is making it vivid to all and sundry how people are known to react in various circumstances. He chips in the fact that, regardless of the situation in which one finds himself or herself, the person should be of a free mind to express it the best way he or she can, devoid of fears.

Stanza 2

Everyone is born ignorant on the first day of arrival on planet earth. A new life always marks a new beginning. It is one of excitement. However, as one matures, you realize that this life is not all rosy. Life, from birth to death, is interspersed with constant transitions.

Stanza 3

The writer depicts a time of sorrow in this stanza. Those are moments that could even go to the extent of making one wish they were never born. It is a period of endurance. It is also a period of tests. Ones emotions are put to trial.

Stanza 4

The tests or trials of this life make us realize the amount of strength we carry within us. For some, the solution to daring situations is realized by just a snap of fingers. However, it may take ages for others to realize the solution to a single problem. Regardless, there’s potential to be revealed by everybody.


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