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Life Becomes Unpredictable

Updated on July 26, 2015

Smiles brighten up your life

Every song leaves a brighter light

Listen, everything will turn out alright

Life becomes unpredictable.

Flipping through the photographs

It was too soon to take a life

Sunlight falls when you want it your own way

Letting go of everything, it was the last fight.

Dreams come alive, soon you run out of time

It's over before the morning kisses the dark

One more song, one last lyric

One more strum of the guitar

Street lights overshadow everything.

Love overpowers the soul before it meets the dark

Suddenly ripped apart

Life is over, there's nothing more to say

A gun shot breaks the heart

The murder got away.

Hattie Mattie Mae Spiritweaver July 27, 2015


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